Ladies and gentlemen, the time is finally upon us. The time for throngs of people to come together to celebrate collective geekery. To watch previews of upcoming movies and shows. To hear panels from your favorite actors/writers/authors/artists. To dress up as your favorite characters and act a little kooky.

That’s right, it is time for the masses to defend upon San Diego, California for SDCC 2013. Yeay!Except, what if you, like us, are one of the millions of geeklings who aren’t there? Fear not, we are here to help ease the pain. Two years ago, we created what we have lovingly dubbed SDCC from NYC. With the emergence of Nerd HQ, who amazingly live streams all their panels, we were now able to share in the fun, so we took to Twitter.Once again, we will be tweeting thoughts, reactions and random geekery, this time from our new joint account, which you should follow by the way, @allgeek2meradio with the hashtag #SDCCfromNYC. However, this year we are taking it a step further by launching our new podcast/radio show It’s All Geek to Me. Stay tuned for first air date.

Between the two of us we have a vast and varied knowledge of pop culture, which is one of or favorite things to talk about. We’re gonna be coming to you weekly talking about all sorts of things, like tv, movies, comics, theatre, and just about everything in between. It is a great time to be a geek, and we want to celebrate that with you. So join us for fun and mild debauchery.

-Cate & EM

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