East Coast Times for West Coast Panels

For those of us geeks who can not be in attendance at SDCC this year, the free livestreams of panels are a godsend. Since it’s inception Nerd HQ, has always provided those of those of us on the interweb with a link to watch their Conversations for a Cause panels, for which we will ever be grateful. Below are the East Coast times for this year’s Nerd HQ panels/events happening at SDCC.

Thursday 7/18

12pm – Psych

2:30pm – Seth Green & Stoopid Buddy

5:45pm – NASA JPL

7pm – Maze Runner

8pm – PBS Sherlock

9pm – Zac Levi

Friday 7/19

12:30pm – Hannibal

2pm – Zac Levi & Mystery Guests

3:15pm – I, Frankenstein

6pm – Orphan Black

6:30pm – RIDDICK

7:15pm – 300: Rise of an Empire

8:15pm – Joe Manganiello

9:30pm – Haven

Saturday 7/20

1pm – Joss Whedon

2:30pm – The Thrilling Adventure Hour

3:45pm – Tiny Commando

5pm – Doctor Who

6pm – Kickass 2

7pm – Evangeline Lily

8:15pm – NTSF/Childrens Hospital

Sunday 7/21

12am – Serenity in Park with Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk (not a livestream panel)

2pm – Nathan Fillion

3:30pm – Nathan Fillion #2

5pm – Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

More panels, info and livestream links to follow, so keep checking back!

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