The X-Files Dramatic Return … To Comics!


Unless you live under a SyFy rock, you have heard that the beloved series The X-Files, originally created by Chris Carter, starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, has been released as a new comic series. For months I patiently awaited the day that The X-Files season 10 issue #1 was released. Not only is it the first comic that I have ever pre-ordered, but it is the first comic that I have ever owned. (This has since been rectified, but still, it was a momentous first.) June 19th came and went and I waited patiently for my boarded and bagged copy to come in the mail. I tore into the envelope with vigor only to stop … and realize that I had my comic boarded and bagged and it was sealed with a nifty sticker … I just couldn’t open it. It’s issue ONE. You don’t soil issue #1 with hand oils and the light of day! Good God, man! Well, needless to say, I have since cracked it open, letting it be a comic before it gets put away for 30+ years for my children to find and think ‘why was this important?’

It was said this weekend at San Diego Comic Con by one Chris Carter that the comics will take on their own lore and their own mythology. This is true from the third page as we are introduced to ‘the Blakes’ formerly known as ‘Spooky’ Fox Mulder and Dr. Dana Scully. It seems as though the storyline picks up sometime after the last movie (with Scully having taken to her old 90’s hair cut) with Mulder and Scully in witsec being visited by dear old Skinner to warn them that someone may be after them. The story quickly escalates as William is brought up in an emotional conversation between our dynamic duo and Scully runs away to bury herself in work.

Without giving away the entire story of this issue (it is, after all, only 22 short pages), let me just say that for any Phile out there thinking about picking up this comic … try to buy a few issues at a time if you can. The plot quickly thickens and just when you become engrossed, you are left off until the next issue arrives in another month. I cannot wait to see where this goes and just what Mulder and Scully get themselves up to and into. The dialogue is the same snappy techno-garble we are used to from the original TV series which makes it that much easier to welcome our old FBI agents back from their sabbatical. With Mulder taking on a new profession and a rather terrifyingly drawn nemesis, I am pretty sure this will be the comic I walk into work and ask my boss at the comic shop ‘did it come yet? DID IT COME YET?’ Stop by your local comic shop and start a subscription. You won’t be sorry!

The truth is out there.
– Cate

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