Doctor Who?


Yesterday the BBC announced that Doctor Who fans would be getting an extra special treat this weekend. On Sunday, August 4th at 7pm (British time of course) a live special will be airing to announce/introduce the new Doctor.

And the Whovians, who feared having to wait for the upcoming 50th Anniversary special to learn who their new leader would be,  rejoiced. BBC has promised tons of memories and surprises from this half hour special including interviews with Steven Moffat and Matt Smith, and  Doctors and companions of old. They have also promised celebrity fans, which we all know by now means we’ll get to see Chris Hadwick, and personally I believe we can never get enough Hardwick.

Supposedly, BBC America will be simultaneously broadcasting the show, for those of you too lazy to do the math that would be 1:00pm EST. According to the FiOS guide, there is a mini Doctor Who marathon scheduled to be happening at that time, but rule number one of British television, Moffat lies.

So what do think? Are you excited for the announcement? Will you tune in?