Episode 15: Geekery Galore!

Episode 15: Geekery Galore!

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 15: Geekery Galore )  HERE, in archives.

And below you can find links to some of the things we talked about on the show:


Face Off

-Season Six Contestants

The Walking Dead

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Family Guy

-The Death of Brian Griffin


Doctor Who

-The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

-Chris Hardwick’s Doctor Who Birthday video


Comixology now takes Paypal!


Paul Walker dies in Car Crash

Geeky Gifts

Cate’s Pick:

Stargazer Semi Permanent Tattoo Pens

  • Semi Permanent
  • Available in Black, Maroon, Yellow, Brown, Light Green, Dark Green, Purple, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Orange, Pink
  • Great For Adding Style To Your Whole Look
  • Perfect For Fancy Dress & Fun- Long Lasting- Easy Wash off

EM’s Pick:

Adagio Fandom Teas

  • Yummy Loose-leaf teas for every fandom imaginable.


Thor: The Dark World Twitter Giveaway

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As always we love hearing from you, so hit up the comments with your suggestions, comments & questions.

~ Cate & EM

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