Geek Out, While You Work Out!

Geek Out, While You Work Out!

You may have heard us mention the fact that we have both adopted our own versions of what we lovingly refer to as “The Comic Con Diet” as part of our New Year’s resolution. While getting up early/going after work to work out may seem daunting, we all know that cute new stuff can help soften the blow.

So below check out some fun, geeky workout gear to help get you through.

Gym Bags

-Because you gotta carry all your stuff in something. Cafepress, has some awesome geeky gym bag, which are reasonably priced at about $32.50 a piece. Plus they are almost always having some kind of sale.

For the Supernatural Fan:


(Available here, at, for $32.50+SH)

For The Comic Book Lover:

avengers_group_gym_bag(Available here, at, for $32.50+SH)


-Because going to the gym naked, is generally frowned upon.

For the Gamers:


(Available here, at, for $18.90 +SH, ON SALE (reg $27.00))

For the Trekkie:


(Available here, at Active Apparel, for $27.00 +SH)

For the Whovian:


(Available here, at Active Apparel, for $27.00 +SH)

For The Nerdy Geek:


(Available here, at, for $18.90 +SH, ON SALE (reg $27.00))

For The Harry Potter Fan:


(Available here, at Active Apparel, for $27.00 +SH)

For the Disney Fan:


(Available here, at, for $27.00 +SH)

*We are not affiliated with any of these links, we are not receiving payment for posting these links (though we’d happily accept if they offered it ::wink, wink:: )


2 thoughts on “Geek Out, While You Work Out!

    • Hey Jeyna,
      Thanks for the comment. I totally understand, I feel the same way about Black Milk Clothing. I love some of their stuff but they’re based in Australia & I can’t justify paying the shipping price to the US.


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