Sleepy Hollow Season One Finale: “Indispensable Man” & “Bad Blood”

Sleepy Hollow Season One Finale: “Indispensable Man” & “Bad Blood”

I go back and forth with my love of FOX’s Sleepy Hollow. Sometimes I find myself fully engaged, and other times I have it on while I multitask, usually involving food or scrolling through some form of social media. Regardless, most Monday nights you will find The Boy and I plopped down on the couch, watching, and in my case, more often than not, commenting.

Monday night marked the two hour season finale and after last weeks episode, which infuriated me to no end, seriously Irving, you know SOMEONE who was in the precinct is infected with the demon, WHY WOULD YOU BRING PEOPLE WHO WERE IN THE PRECINCT WITH YOU TO PROTECT YOUR DAUGHTER?!? You are smarter than that!, left me wishing for a better storyline.

Well, careful what you wish for. Here is where I am going to tell you, if you have not yet seen Indispensable Man and/or Bad Blood, you should STOP READING THIS! Go watch and then come back, because, there will be SPOILERS. You have been warned click to read more at your own risk.

Let’s start with Indispensable Man. A large chunk of this season has been all about Washington’s Bible, and figuring out how the hell it is supposed to aid in the war against evil. Last week the big reveal, was that Washington had dated an entry in the bible FOUR DAYS AFTER HIS DEATH…..spooky…apparently no one even considers the possibility of post-dating. No matter, of course it wasn’t post-dated, no, it was written by zombie Washington. Yep, you read that correctly, George Washington, came back as a zombie, in order to draft a map of Purgatory for Ichabod to be able to travel between worlds.

We open with Ichabod stumbling across a reenactment, which allows him to purchase some “new” clothes, from the adorable Laura Spencer, of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries fame. Meanwhile, Andy shows up, yeay John Cho, to tell Abbie how he loves her and oh and warn her that she needs to destroy the map, because it will only lead to Ichabod betraying her.

The idea of the map, renews hope in Ichabod that he may be able to free his beloved Katrina from Purgatory. Abbie is a little more wary, however they both agree they must find the map before Moloch. In order to do so, they once again enlist the help of everyone’s favorite Sin Eater, Henry Parish. Huzzah, for John Noble returning to our tvs!

They decide the best course of action is to have Henry “read” Reverend Knapp’s rosary. Lucky for them, he requested to have them buried with him, so no hunting through former possessions, just some minor grave robbing. But when Henry closes his hand around the rosary, a violent reaction occurs, horribly burning his hand where he has touched it. After a close call with some weird stone demony things, the trio decide more than ever they need to find the map and destroy it.

Obviously, Washington would have had the map buried with him nearby, and so they set off to find his REAL grave, which of course is conveniently located near/in Sleepy Hollow.

Meanwhile back in the land of “people who don’t know about all the evil shit going down”, the cops are investigating the deaths of Irving’s priest, and random cop who were both killed while protecting Macy last week. While I suppose it’s nice that the police care about the random dead bodies that seem to be piling up, the cops seem to think that Macy was responsible. Yep, that’s right the tween in a wheelchair is the prime suspect in two murders that were caused by the snapping of necks. Which maybe makes more sense than “Evil” did it…but not much. So of course Irving decides to sacrifice himself and confess to the murders his possessed wheelchair bound tween daughter committed. Great, so now we are down another solider in the war between good and evil.

Back to our map searching trio. Having arrived at the location of Washington’s last resting place, they move a stone and the ground swings aside to reveal a descending staircase into his tomb, complete with automatic fire, and caskets sliding out of the wall. All of which leads me to ask, does that shit actually happen? I mean seriously, if there are any actual archaeologists out there reading this, when you discover old tombs, do they have pieces that automatically roll forward, or light a blaze? Or has the entertainment industry just perpetuated the falsehood for so long that we believe that’s what old tombs do?

But I digress, of course things do not go according to plan, do they ever?, and a weird Andy-demon hybrid, props to the make-up/special effects departments on that, comes to attack them. Of course they mange to escape, once again due to Abbie reaching out to Andy’s freakish obsession with her, and once outside the tomb, decide the map is too dangerous and they must burn it.

At this point, some of you, like myself are left saying, “What’s the big deal about burning it?” In an earlier episode Ichabod reveals he has an eidetic memory, and he has seen the map. For those of you who forgot this little fun fact, The PTB* made sure is was mentioned PROMINENTLY in the recap at the beginning of the episode. So, now I am left sitting on the couch going, shaking my head because, come on could we be anymore transparent? Clearly they are going to go to Purgatory, and clearly in order to get Katrina back, Ichabod is going to leave Abbie there and she’ll be stuck there at the end of the episode and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….we’re back to being formulaic. Oh joy…See I told you I run hot and cold on shows.

And so begin our second hour of the finale. Henry turns up at the cabin with grave news, he has had a vision, the second horseman, War will arise unless a witch can seal the portal before Moloch can open it. Unfortunately, all of the witches our witnesses know are dead, save for Katrina, who’s just mostly dead…erm I mean trapped in Purgatory. The Witnesses now have no choice but to head to Purgatory and find/release Katrina.  Luckily,  as predicted by yours truly, Ichabod draws out the map, because of course he remembers it.

Unfortunately, our dear Irving, is not in this episode, as he has  confessed to murdering two people, however he leaves behind one of Corbin’s date books for Abbie, suspecting it to contain answers.  Abbie gives the book to Jenny and tasks her with listening to  Corbin’s tapes to find something useful, because it’s always a good idea to leave the badass at home when marching into battle. Le sigh. So after a tearful goodbye between the sisters, which makes sure to talk about some dollhouse they used to play with when Mummy & Daddy would fight, where they always felt “safe”, they part to set about with their separate tasks.

Abbie, Ichabod and Henry set out to find/enter Purgatory, but before they do Henry warns them not to eat or drink anything or they well be trapped there forever, Yeay for the incorporation of Greek mythology, and to remember their bond. He also tells them to be careful as he has grown quite fond of them, and he looks forward to meeting Katrina. Awe Henry…

So naturally, both our heroes, “wake up” in their own little perfect world. Abbie is in the cabin with a very much alive Corbin and Andy. She’s recovering from a bump on the head at Quantico, so naturally she’d be sent back to her podunk town to recover…, yeah, I don’t think that’s how it works. Still, it did tug at the heartstrings to see Sheriff Corbin and Andy, alive and well, and tending to her. Of course they offer her apple pie ala mode and of course she almost eats it but then miraculously remembers her “bond” with Ichabod, and the illusion is shattered. Corbin is now holding his head and Andy has that weird elongated neck snap injury again, as Abbie stumbles out of the cabin. This raises the question, for me anyway, is Corbin actually IN Purgatory, or just a figment used to torment Abbie?

Meanwhile, Ichabod, is experiencing a “fantasy” of his own. He has returned to England, after the war, with England having been victorious, to the open and welcoming arms of his father, played by Victor Garber. He is offered wine to celebrate, and just before the wine hits his lips, he too remembers his “bond” with Abbie, and the dream shatters.

Back in the “real world” Jenny has been shifting through Corbin’s tapes, and comes across something interesting, a lot of shenanigans seem to be centered around this church that no one knows the name off. She decides to go investigate.

The next part of Purgatory, is just really weird looking. Creepy gross things crawling around, a woman sobbing who HAS NO FACE. You know the usual stuff of nightmares and Tim Burton movies. The witnesses are reunited and set off to the church, where Katrina spends her time, which is very conveniently located, just over there!

To be honest I thought it would take them a little bit longer to find, it seemed a little odd to me that breaking free from there illusions, which were designed to trap them forever in Purgatory dropped them right where they need to be. Seems a bit fishy to me.

The get to the church find Katrina, who drops the bomb, that she can not leave Purgatory unless she is forgiven, or another soul takes her place. Um, well that’s just great, you couldn’t have maybe mentioned that to them in the 13 other episodes you visited them asking to be saved? No? Ok. Clearly, you all can guess what happens next. Abbie decides to sacrifice herself. Claiming she need to stand up to Moloch, who has been her tormentor all these years. Katrina gives Abbie a medallion that will “protect her from Moloch”. After an emotional goodbye, where Ichabod, pledges his allegiance to their bond, and Abbie assures him she knows he will return for her, the husband and wife abandon there friend and head toward the “real world”. Sidebar, now I know the embrace between Abbie and Ichabod was meant to be purely platonic, sorry Ichabbie shippers, shouldn’t Katrina have found it slightly odd/bothersome, given as that would have been an extremely intimate act in her/Ichabod’s time period? Which of course leads my mind down a path where it seriously considers the fact that maybe Katrina just decides she doesn’t want to go back could possibly be the reason that Abbie will be trapped in Purgatory til next season. At this point in the episode, it’s looking like a very plausible explanation.

So Katrina and Ichabod break through the barrier between worlds, meet up with Henry and set off to bind the second horseman to his grave before he can rise. Her magic may be a little rusty, but it’s the only chance they have.

Back in the nearly forgotten storyline of Jenny Mills, Jenny has decided to go investigate this church, who’s name has been kept hidden, lost to time, and despite the fact that Corbin, and others, had seemed unable to discover it, and finds a SIGN. Yep an actual, literal sign, covered by only a few meager leaves, on the ground DIRECTLY under the post it would have been hanging on. [Insert facepalm here]. Guys, I am seriously starting to question the former Sheriff’s investigatory skills. Whatever on the sign is REAL important, because Jenny gets the “Oh Shit” look on her face and races to tell Abbie. She first tries calling her, but of course there’s no cell reception in Purgatory and it goes to voicemail. And that is when the Headless Horseman appears in the road and flips Jenny’s car, leaving her for dead, before she can reach her destination.

Back in Purgatory, Abbie is now being chased by Moloch, so yeah, that medallion is really working out great, thanks Katrina. She ends up shoving it into his shoulder and burning him, which allows her to escape his grasp, though now she’s down a protection medallion, and suddenly finds herself “trapped” safely with in a dollhouse, just like the one Jenny and her found comfort in when they were children. Aren’t you glad they decided to mention that before Abbie left? But get this, Abbie is not alone in her little dollhouse sanctuary, with her are the childhood version of herself and Jenny. The girls inform her that they are the memories that Moloch took from her and her sister on that day that they saw him in the woods, those exact 13 years ago.

Back in the woods, Katrina seems to be having trouble getting the binding spell to take hold, when suddenly, Henry informs her that it is because there is nothing there to bind, and hasn’t been for a very long time… Cue The Boy and I springing upright from the spots we had be lounging on the couches, as two of the four white trees rap around and trap both Katrina and Ichabod against their trunks.

What follows folks, was one of the biggest mindf*cks I have received from a television show in a very long time.

It is then revealed that the second horseman, War, who is in fact Henry Parish, had come to Sleepy Hollow, many years ago, 13 to be exact, and the memories that Moloch caused Jenny and Abbie to forget was his rising. If that wasn’t shocking enough, it is further revealed that, Henry Parish doesn’t actually exist, stay with me here, the man that Abbie and Ichabod have called Henry Parish is in fact Jeremy Crane! Yep, that is right they went full on Empire Strikes Back on us…

At this point The Boy and I are both sitting straight up mouths agape.

Henremy, goes on to unleash a WORLD of long pent up Mommy/Daddy issues upon his helpless parents, blaming them for all he has suffered. Which if you ask me is a little misplaced. Alright so yes Katrina did abandon him, if we conveniently forget the fact that she was doing what she thought was best for him and got stuck in Purgatory before being able to return to him. So alright, I see how you could develop Mommy issues because of that, but really, he’s blaming Ichabod for his pain/suffering? He didn’t even know he had a son. Furthermore, Henremy witnessed first hand Ichabod’s agony at learning the fate of his son in the episode The Golem. How, after that, he can still claim Ichabod’s indifference is beyond me. Then again, I am not one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, so maybe I’m missing out on so piece of key evil logic.

He goes on gloats about how easy it was for him to infiltrate the witnesses’ world, and how he gave them clues that they never picked up on. He explains that he has found his true father in Morloch, and that evil has won the war. He delivers his mother to the Headless Horseman, aka Abraham, and proceeds to bury Ichabod alive.

And so we leave off with Jenny, unconsious in a wrecked car, the sign, which bares the name “Henry Parish”, lying on the ground beside her car, Katrina Stolen away by the horsman of death/her former fiance, Irving (unseen) somewhere in jail, Abbie trapped in a dollhouse in Purgatory and Ichabod being buried alive, as WAR stands gloating above him.

As the screen faded, there were several expletives hurled at our tv, I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say The Boy kept repeating a certain phrase that rhymes with “Muck Do”.

After sleeping on it though, I have to say I give Sleepy Hollow props for several for a strong season finale. Although, the Henremy reveal may have felt like it came out of nowhere, there were several clues, throughout the episode/season. When he reveals that his has given them clues to his identity, there is a flashback to a quote from The Golem, where he tells, “A good puzzle misleads you. It sends you in one direction, fools you into thinking you know what’s going on but once you discover the trick there is often a hidden meaning.” But looking back at the entirety of Indispensable Man, there are far more glaring clues. For example, when he touches the rosary his skin is DEEPLY burned. Now, in the moment, Abbie and Ichabod, come to the conclusion that this must have happened because the object has been hexed for protection. Looking back now, it becomes clear that Henry is a a demon, or at the very least, an unholy being, who is burned because he is touching a religious object.  And those “stone demony things” that attacked them? They were not demons at all, but gargoyles, which certain churches believed provide protection from evil.

The PTB* provided just enough “dumb clues” to what was to inevitably happen in the finale, Abbie being trapped in Purgatory, that many of us missed the “deeper clues” to what was really going on. Sleepy Hollow is now on hiatus until the fall.

And so we play the waiting game.

What did you think of the finale? Hit up the comments and let us know.

– EM

*Stands for the Powers That Be, i.e. producers, writers, directors of the shows we love.

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