Ms. Marvel #1

Ms. Marvel #1

It’s no secret, I have been jonesing for the release of the new Ms. Marvel since it was announced. It’s rare for a female character to be given her own book right off the bat, which is dumb because, despite what some of the PTB believe, chicks read/enjoy comics too. But what makes the new Ms. Marvel so intriguing, is the character they’ve decided to hand the title over too, Kamala Khan. Far from your typical super hero prototype  Kamala is a sixteen year old, Muslim American growing up in Jersey City, NJ. Click below to read more.

I, for one, could not be more excited by all of this. Giving her this backstory means that Kamala has much more than the traditional super hero to ground her into reality. First of all, she’s a teenager. A teenager with a family, not a runaway or orphan, which of course presents its own specific set of challenges. In the first issue we are introduced to her mother, father and brother.

This is the first time, I can really remember a superhero having some one to answer to. Sure there are some heroes with parents, but everyone I can think of, off the top of my head, are older when they really start using their powers and therefore are more free of familial obligations. When you are sixteen, you are still in school, still have homework, still living at home, and all around still trying to figure out who you are.

Religion, is a factor not often discussed in the world of superheroes. Sure they still have their own religions, but a side from basic common ideals, such as thou shalt not kill, few aspects of it ever truly come to play into their everyday life. Kamala, on the other hand, is not so “lucky”. Her religion dictates many aspects of her day to day life. A perfect example, coming on page one, where she is sniffing the bacon on a bunch of BLTs, pining for the “infidel meat” she must not eat. Her religion dictates not only principles to guide her life but also what is expected of her and even her dietary choices.


Figuring out who you are is made even tougher when you are “different”. Teenagers can be cruel, it’s a known fact. It is a time in life where pretty much everyone is just trying to fit in. Anything, different from the norm is labeled as weird, and poked fun of. This becomes perfectly evident by the fact that when Kamala does try to be a “normal” teenager, and sneaks out to attend a party, she is lied to about a drink having alcohol in it, and the laughed at for spitting it out immediately afterward. Not to mention when “nice” girl,Zoe tells her she needs to walk away because Kamala smells “like curry”.

Upset, Kamala leaves the party and that’s when things get interesting. A mysterious fog drifts in and she has an unexpected visit from Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man and several woodland creatures who bestow upon her a gift. The gift of the powers of Ms. Marvel.

I can not wait til the next issue, to see where all this is headed. How will Kamala’s new powers effect her relationship with her family and friends? How will they effect her self image? Are you excited for more? Hit up the comments and tell us what you think.


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