NEW 52 Superman: Lois Lane Issue #1 Review


As comics go, EM and I both have a stigma attached to an issue that is more than $3.99. Is it worth $4.99, $5.99, even $7.99? Is the content good enough to justify the monthly moola? Seeing as Superman: Lois Lane is a one-shot, I suppose the $4.99 price tag wasn’t so harsh.

In this heart-wrenching tale, we flash back and forth between ‘then’ and the present. ‘Then’ is Lois’s childhood where we learn of her relationship with her sister and what happened to bring them so close. The kidnapping of Lucy’s roommate prompts the main story of this issue (which I won’t talk about much for those who want to pick this up).

All in all, Superman: Lois Lane proved to be an interesting trip into a somewhat minor characters back story (even if Superman would have been ‘too distracted’ by Lois were she to try and help … whatever). Plus, seeing Lois Lane be a badass is always fun! Stop in your local shop and pick up a copy. Especially if you’re a Superman/Lois Lane fan.


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