TFIOS is Coming…

Just a friendly reminder that John Green’s fantastic young adult novel, The Fault in Our Stars, is being turned into a movie. Ok, let’s be honest, if you pay any attention to our posts, you know that. However, this is the perfect place to show off the fact that the stars of said movie, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort are on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly! Click to see the cover below the cut…

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Bob Hoskins Dies at Age 71

We just got word that British actor Bob Hoskins passed away after a bout of phenomena at the age of 71.

Hoskins announced his retirement back in 2012 when he came out with the news that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and was last seen in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Although, his name may not be the first that comes to mind when listing off Geeky actors, he has definitely earned his place among them.

bob-hoskins-roger-rabbitHe starred as the boozy detective Eddie Valient in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In fact, several weeks ago I made it my mission to sit down and watch the film, as I came to the realization I had never viewed it as an adult. Despite being made in 1988, the film still held up and was just as enjoyable as it had been back in the day.

Bob-Hoskins-HookYou may also recognize him as Mr. Smee, from Disney’s Hook, or my personal favorite, as Mario Mario in 1993’s cult classic Super Mario Bros. which, of course was, loosely, based off the Nintendo game.


R.I.P. Bob Hoskins, you will be missed.



An Evening With David Duchovny: Schooling The Future Of Media


When Em and I made the very snap decision to put in for tickets to ‘Down and Dirty With David Duchovny’ back in February we had no idea what to expect. Having never gone to what some people were referring to a ‘cencom event’, we thought we were in for an evening of DD talking about ‘Californication’. Which was perfectly fine even though neither of us have watched a minute of the show. What we weren’t prepared for was to be as educated and interested as we were.

David said, while still answering interviewer questions, that he wanted his talk to be informative about the industry and how to get into the industry. He asked that all questions be directed toward that end and there were a lot of interesting questions asked (more on those in a moment). He talked about how he came to acting considering he has a Masters in English Lit, the struggles he faced when trying to shoot his own indie film and what it is that makes acting a job sometimes. He talked about writing and his own struggles with the craft and found the words to encourage the ’24 year olds’ in the audience, even when saying he was not the one for giving advice.

I have to admit, I leaned a lot about David Duchovny tonight that I didn’t know. He is articulate, funny, interesting and passionate in his own way about the film industry, like so many actor/directors/writers are. I just hadn’t been paying attention before tonight. He genuinely wanted to convey to everyone in that room that he, at ‘our age’, needed to hear some things that he was going to say. He encouraged the actors in the room to not sell themselves short and believe in all the work they put forward. That can translate to any facet of the film industry, IMO. Being a struggling makeup/wardrobe chick myself, these were words I needed to hear.

David started out wanting to write and got into acting by not saying no to the little things along the road. He encouraged everyone in that room to go outside their comfort zone. If you’re a writer, step in front of the camera and give it a try. When it came time for the audience to ask some questions, there were a lot of very intelligent and interesting questions asked. David answered question for 45 minutes before the moderator said there was only time for a few more. David insisted we had time for everyone. Stand up guy, David Duchovny.

By the end of it, David had talked for two hours straight which astonished us. We expected an hour of ‘Californication’ not two hours of ‘this is how I did it, now you try’. Overall, The School Of Visual Arts put on a lovely talk. We throughly enjoyed our evening and would love to return to another Cencom event.

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First Look: The Fault in Our Stars Extended Trailer

No secret…I am OBSESSED with John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, which is surprising as I generally dislike sad things, but this book…well, it’s worth the pain. Needless to say I have a countdown going til the release of its film adaptation, on June 6th, (41days).

Today, the extended trailer was released. Check out below the cut to see the wonder.

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