Psych Out: Saying Goodbye to USA’s Psych

Psych Out: Saying Goodbye to USA’s Psych

So it’s been two weeks, which has given me time to, hopefully, properly process the end of one of my favorite shows. After an eight season run, finale episode of Psych aired Wednesday, March 26th.

All the commercials, ads, ect. promised us this wouldn’t be a typical sob fest series finale. No big confessions, no major character deaths, no tears just the good old fashion tomfoolery that was what endeared the fans to the show in the first place. Well, they were partly right. Click below to see more. Mild SPOILERS, but hey, it’s been two weeks already.


The episode did play much like a normal episode, a case to be solved, investigational mishaps, the fun spirited banter between Shawn & Gus that we have all grown accustom to, but through out the whole episode there were cuts to Shawn sitting in the Psych office, addressing the camera recounting not only the case we were watching but his many attempts to tell Gus he was leaving Santa Barbara to go be with Juliet. What followed was a guest star filled adventure full of dead bodies, 80’s references and Gus screams.

It was probably in the last ten minutes or so that the promos lies came to light. No tears you say? I call shenanigans, while I’ll admit I didn’t sob, things got a little misty toward the end, especially with all the call backs and tying up of loose ends, I fully admit to going into “fan the tears away mode” when Henry said “He finally called me.” Thus was the beginning of the end for me, the Dobson reveal and Buzz’s promotion were icing on the cake.

Perhaps the best thing about this episode is was the fact that although there was the overwhelming knowledge that this was “the end”, at least for now, it still held on to the feel of just another Psych adventure. What made the show so great was that at it’s core it was about Shawn and Gus’ relationship. Sure love interests came and went, for both our boys, but even in the flashbacks we are shown, it has always been Shawn and Gus. So it seemed fitting that Gus was standing right beside Shawn as he took the next big step in growing up by proposing to Juliet. Seeing them all drive off into the sunset, or rather race off into the sunset in pursuit of a robber, just seemed right.

The Powers That Be, have repeatedly said that this is not THE END for our favorite Fake Psychic Detectives, though they won’t elaborate. Does this mean a spin off? A web series? A movie? Who knows, however it does lessen the sting a little bit knowing that this is merely the end of a chapter, not the whole story.

What did you guys think about the finale? Is there anything you wished they’d done differently? What will you miss most? Hit up the comments and let us know.


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