Episode 32: Shocking Feels! Oh, the Betrayal ….

Episode 32: Shocking Feels! Oh, the Betrayal ….

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 32: Shocking Feels! Oh, the Betrayal…) HERE, in archives.

And below you can find links to some of the things we talked about on the show:


Face Off


Agents of Shield



Orphan Black

-April 19



Captain America: The Winter Solider



Out Last Week (4/9)

Lumberjanes (Issue #1)
Shutter (Issue #1)
All New Ultimates (Issue #1)

Batman Eternal (Issue #1)


Coming Out This Week (4/16)

Harley Quinn Issue (Issue #5)
Ms Marvel (Issue #3)
Batman Eternal (Issue #2)

Emily and the Strangers (Issue #1 for $1)




April 28th – Down & Dirty with David Duchovny

May 2nd – Chris Hardwick at Caroline’s on Broadway (NYC)

Our GoT Giveaway is officially over! Congrats to our winner Esker!
But fear not guys we have another contest coming up REAL soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook/twitter for more details….

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~ Cate & EM

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