Episode 43: Summer Geekery

Episode 43: Summer Geekery

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 43: Summer Geekery) HERE, in archives.

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The Best Of Star Trek: Voyager Seasons 1-3

cast_s2dI suppose the 19th anniversary of Voyager’s launch was as good a year as any to finally sit down and take a look at what I thought was so special that I donned the title ‘Trekkie’ way back when. This is a list of the ‘best’ or ‘most important’ episodes to watch if you’re not down for a full re-watch or merely want to get your feet wet. Not every episode of every show is stellar, we know this. Nor does every episode move the characters forward. Sometimes it is merely a monster (or alien) of the week. That being the case, this list could also be deemed ‘Cate’s favorites of Seasons 1-3’. Why Seasons 1-3, you ask? Well, this article idea hit me as I was finishing Season 3 … so there.

Season One

Caretaker Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Yea, yea, okay. It’s a two part pilot, I know. Pilots are always the episode we muscle through and then stick to the ‘three episode’ rule before giving up. BUT, Voyager’s Pilot did a lot for the series. Aside from introducing us to characters, it introduced us to the relationships we would watch grow and change, the ones that would end, the ones that would never happen (no matter how hard we fans pleaded). The merging of the crews that happens at the end of Pt. 2 was uncertain and, hell, they were across the galaxy. What wasn’t interesting? While this particular episode was not my first episode of Voyager (I jumped on the bandwagon mid season 5), it is an important one and should not be skipped. I mean it.


Importante. We meet one of Voyager’s first and greatest (to date) adversaries in the Delta Quadrant, the Vidiians. These guys are UG-ly. I’m talking ‘who chewed you up and spit you out?’ ugly. They also have no qualms about organ harvesting, hence their threat. They will come back to haunt us again in episodes to come, so get used to them.

Eye Of The Needle

Kind of a fluff episode, but the crew get in contact with the Alpha Quadrant via a wormhole too small to fit through to get home (because how fun of a series would that be? Oh, we spent 3 months on the other side of the galaxy, but, yay,  we’re home!). Watching what the crew choose to send home to their loved ones and the renewed hope they have afterward is rather sweet and gives us a bit of insight into their personal lives.

State Of Flux

Oh, Seska, you … This episode is important for Season 2. Voyager’s old adversaries, the Kazon from the Pilot, rear their ugly heads again. This time they have Federation technology from Voyger that Janeway never authorized. Who is the traitor? Get ready to hate her if you didn’t already. Chakotay’s relationship with Seska is probably one of my favorites aside from his relationship with B’Elanna.


Tom, B’Elanna, and Durst (don’t get attached) are captured by the Vidiians (told you they’d be back). All they want is B’Elanna’s Klingon DNA … or is it? This is a fabulous B’Elanna-centric episode that examines her (and, honestly all of our own) insecurities about who she is and her lineage. Great character-centered episode.

Season 2

The 37’s

I didn’t select this one merely because it is a season premiere. My childhood fascination with Amelia Earhart is why I love this episode so much, I think. Voyager finds 8 humans, Amelia Earhart among them, in cryo-stasis on a planet. So, why not wake them up, right? Janeway’s childhood fascination with Earhart prompts the wake up (hey, girl, let’s be friends!) which leads to an interesting episode and an interesting decision at the end. Definitely a good watch.


Just how did Chakotay get that tattoo and when? Guys, I’ve watched the whole series and I still am not sure. However, this episode is an interesting step into what Chakotay believes and who his ancestors were. Maybe the tattoo is why Janeway cant stop touching him.


Chakotay disobeys orders. Well … he takes it upon himself to correct an issue that arises without consulting the Captain. Introduce a little tension between these two and see what happens … 😉


We get a glimpse at Janeway’s softer side in this episode. While on an alien planet, wounded, Janeway is taken in by a man who thinks she is his daughter. Their interaction gives us a look at who Kathryn is beneath the pips.

Death Wish

Because who doesn’t love a good Q episode? John De Lancie graces Voyager with his presence on the hunt for an escaped Q who wants mortality in order to end his life. Q’s battle of whits with KJ is fabulous and her obvious annoyance at him just makes it that much more fun of an episode. Listen for the ‘ship of the Valkyries’ line … my fave.


Our dear holo-Doc falls in love. With a Vidiian.


Babies! Well, baby. Voyager gets caught in a spatial scission that duplicates the ship and causes some major issues. Ensign Wildman has her baby while both Captains must work together to reintegrate Voyager into one ship. The interacting between both Captains is worth watching this one.


The Captain and Chakotay contract a deadly virus that can only be suppressed by the atmosphere of the planet they contracted it on. This means buh bye, command duo and hello Tuvok in charge. If you wondered what my first OTP was … watch this episode. Kate Mulgrew is a loud resounding ‘no’ where this relationship was concerned … and yet, I can’t help but watch and think, ‘but you created it! Stop touching him!’

Basics Pt.1

The Kazon, with the help of Seska (hiss), take over Voyager and strand her crew (complete with command duo because Tuvok disobeyed orders in Resolutions) on an alien planet. Peachy end to a season, huh? Get used to the two part Finale/Premiere concept. Star Trek loves it.

Season 3

Basics Pt.2

Again, not just because it’s a premiere. They get Voyager back and we get to witness the end of Seska, but also Chakotay’s issues with Seska’s child potentially being his. Tender moments between the command team become the norm. Knock it off already.


One of the steamier episode of Voyager. B’Elanna is having some rather saucy dreams about an alien lover on a planet they are visiting. Mm hm. The Captain lets her hair down at one point too. Literally.

Futures End Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Voyager is thrown back in time to 20th Century Earth (it was the 90’s, after all) in pursuit of a timeship. When they encounter Henry Starling (I cant help but think of this guy as a comic villain with that name) who steals the Doctor, they must stop him before he can use the timeship to alter the timeline. This is fun if only for the clothing, Tom’s libido, and them trying to fit in in 20th Century San Fran. Think of it as Voyager’s nod to ‘The Voyage Home’.

The Q and the Grey

I love me some Q. Q on Next Gen was a spoiled kid trying to burn an ant with a magnifying glass. Q on Voyager is hilarious. In this episode Q tries to woo our dear Captain into mating with him. Even if he knew how, we know her answer. What follows that not-so-subtle proposal is shear hilarity. My fave, Suzie Plakson, plays Q’s wife and I love watching John de Lancie and KM act off each other. So fun.


Guys … it’s their fault. The Captain dies on an alien planet and gets to witness her own funeral as well as the crew grieving. Hint: she’s in the rest of the show, so don’t worry. Interesting look into the events of death and … that relationship we wont talk about.

Blood Fever

Oh, boy. Pan Far runs ramped on voyager. Well, not ramped, but, our resident half Klingon gets a taste from Vorik who tries to own her. Nice try, idiot. Good Tom/B’Elanna episode if you’re a shipper. Also a good study of Vulcan and Klingon mating practices if you were interested.

Worst Case Senario

Seska attacks from the grave. B’Elanna uncovers a hidden holodeck program that stages the user as a member of the Starfleet crew approached by Chakotay about a mutiny. Word travels fast and soon eveyone on board is trying it (including the Captain). Tom and Tuvok team up to add to the story and are trapped in an almost Saw-like holo-program controlled by a now dead Seska (who never really could accept that Chakotay didn’t love her).

Scoprion Pt.1

Oh, hey, The Borg! What’s up, guys? Worried about that alien species that you cant assimilate who keep killing you yet? No? Well, guess what! Janeway walks out on a limb and offers help to The Borg to fight species 8472 and gain safe passage through their space. Because that wont backfire, right? Her and Chuckles have a tender moment in her ready room that still has my yelling ‘stop touching him!’ at the screen. In her defense, he does keep calling her Kathryn with that sexy voice of his.

And there we have it. The best of Seasons 1-3 with some of my favorites sprinkled in. You now have the answer to the almighty question: Who were Cate’s original OTP? File that one away for the future!



GIVEAWAY: EM’s Favorite Things Prize Pack

GIVEAWAY: EM’s Favorite Things Prize Pack
If you listened to last Sunday’s show, you know that EM turned another year older, and so naturally we decided to celebrate by giving away a prize pack of some of her favorite thing. Click for details and good luck!

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Episode 41: Con Prep!

Episode 41: Con Prep!

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 41: Con Prep!) HERE, in archives.

And below you can find links to some of the things we talked about on the show:

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Episode 40: Pilots, Rumors and News, oh my!

Episode 40: Pilots, Rumors and News, oh my!

Unfortunately, we had a few technical issues with last night’s show. We apologize for the inconvenience and promise to be back, with a vengeance next week!!!

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 40: Pilots, Rumors and News, oh my!) HERE, in archives.

And below you can find links to some of the things we talked about on the show:

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Geektastic Beachy Fun!

Geektastic Beachy Fun!

Summer time is HERE! For those of us not slaving away in overly air conditioned office buildings, and even some of us who are, thoughts turn to beach trips and fun in the sun. Click below to see some of the awesome fun summer time fashions we found.

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Maleficent: A Modern Villainous Heroine


(image credit: Disney)



If you have been listening to Its All Geek To Me for longer than two weeks, you know just how excited I (Cate) have been for the release of the Disney live-action Maleficent starting Angelina Jolie. Maleficent has been a favorite of mine since I was very small (evidence: I could perfectly pronounce her name at age 5) which, I think, hyped me up even more.

If you are an 80’s baby like me, then you are probably expecting this film to be the origin story of how Maleficent became the evil fairy that we all know and love. You would be wrong. While, yes, this was a film about Maleficent’s origins (feeling a lot like Elphaba’s origin story as The Wicked Witch), there is a completely new twist on the story that brings it forward from the ‘poor Disney princess gets cursed’ that we grew up with.

The opening sequence of the film introduces us to a young Maleficent who lives in The Scottish Moors and flies with wings that resemble an Eagle crossed with a Gargoyle. She smiles, laughs, plays and finally falls in love with a human boy named Stefan … wait, hold up! Rewind! What?! Yes, folks, Maleficent becomes the evil she is because Stefan steals something from her before abandoning her and it is more precious than even her wings which he plucks from her back as his trophy. Love turns to hatred and suddenly we see the girl who laughed become a wicked woman who plots.

Ultimately, it is Princess Aurora that begins to crack through the evil exterior of Maleficent. As a small child she finds the fairy in the woods and insists on being picked up (this little cutie was played by Angelina’s daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt). As Aurora grows, she begins to call maleficent her Fairy God Mother thus twisting our story further. In the original storyline, Maleficent curses the child because of her anger with King Stefan. This ‘Fairy God Mother’ plot line feels very Cinderella.

Speaking of King Stefan, the boy who once loved Maleficent, but has now stolen her wings and broken her heart, presented those wings to the dying King to gain the throne. His wife falls ill and dies soon after they hide Aurora away with the three good fairies (Flittle, Knotgrass and Thistlewit … I’m sorry, what happened to Flora, Fauna and my girl Merryweather?! More on them in a moment) and does before he has had his vengeance on Maleficent for cursing his daughter. Now, Maleficent would have simply left him be had he not hunted her … idiot. One of my problems with the film was how evil King Stefan was. True, he broke Maleficent for his own gain, and while the lesson to not exploit a loved one for personal gain is valid, I’m not too thrilled with this idea (although the Scottish accents helped remarkably).

When it comes time for the curse to go into effect, Maleficent now cares for Aurora more than she imagined was possible. She watched her grow and kept her safe. Her attempts to revoke the curse go awry and low and behold, Aurora sleeps. This is also where the story gets a little hinky. It is Maleficent’s motherly kiss on a sleeping Aurora’s forehead that awakens her, not Prince Phillip. Again, I see what you’re getting at Disney, she came to love the thing she hated and that is the purest love there is, but … I don’t know. Disney’s new-ish style of film where the woman doesn’t need a man to save her is valid and appropriate in this time, but if we are all about female power why were the fairies tall, thin and beautiful? Flora, Fauna and Merryweather were all different body types in the 1959 animated movie. If they could get it right in 1959, why not 2014?

When it all comes down to it, I throughly enjoyed the movie. It was a fabulous story and the film itself is gorgeous. The costumes by Anna B. Sheppard were stunning, the makeup design by Paul Gooch was flawlessly applied by the multitude of artists on the film and the overall design was breath taking. Angelina Jolie was the perfect choice for this modern-day Villian/heroine.

On the Trekkie scale: four out of five Tribbles for design and execution!

Episode 39: Summer Premires and Syfy Returns!

Episode 39: Summer Premires and Syfy Returns!

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 39: Summer Premieres and SyFy Returns!) HERE, in archives.

And below you can find links to some of the things we talked about on the show:

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