Itty Bitty Reviews: Week of July 9th

Itty Bitty Reviews: Week of July 9th

Individual issues of comic books are nearly a snippet of a larger story, making it sometimes difficult to review without giving too much away. We here at It’s All Geek to Me Radio have come up with a solution!

The Challenge: Describe each week’s new issues, either the storyline itself or what stood out to you most in THREE words.

Let’s Play!


Grayson Issue #1- It’s A Wig


Batman Eternal Issue #14 – Damn It Bard!


New Suicide Squad Issue #1 – Shit Goes Wrong


Shutter Issue #4 – Larynx Crushing Platypus


Chastity Issue #1 – Dangers of Fangirling


Lumberjanes Issue #4 – Cookie Scarfing Yetis

That’s it for this week, whatcha think? Agree with them? Have some of your own? Hit up the comments & let us hear them.


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