A Female Thor?

A Female Thor?

So yesterday on The View, Marvel announced that there would be a New Thor, and that they would be female. It’s NOT Lady Thor, or She Thor, this is THE THOR of the Marvel Universe. Well, naturally, we here at It’s All Geek to Me have some thoughts on the subject.

At my day job, it is pretty widely know that I am a giant geek. The receptionist and I compare comic book purchases at the front desk every Wednesday, I have used vacation time to take off for con and when I can get away with it, I am more often than not to be found in some sort of geeky tee or even knee highs. Hey, it’s totally acceptable business casual if I wear them with suit skirts and heels right?  So when news broke yesterday that in October it was going to be a woman who took over the mantle of Thor, naturally, I was asked multiple times what my feelings on the matter were.

I have to admit, I am a little bit torn actually. It’s no secret that I am a sucker for a good female driven story. in the past six months or so I’ve picked up and started following countless titles because of female protagonists. I was also a huge supporter of the new Ms. Marvel, from the moment they announced it. A 16 year-old Pakistani-American girl from Jersey City? Sign me up! It is also important to note that, now having read actual issues as opposed to just knowing the concept, this title is one of my favorites out right now, but I digress.

Of course, you would think I would be jumping up and down with joy over a female taking up the mantle of one of Marvel’s longstanding and well know characters, but I’m not. To me anyway, Thor has always been Thor Odenson. That’s his actual name. It’s not like if you told me a woman would be taking up the mantra of Captain America, or Iron Man which are titles or characters not the person themselves. If Steve Rogers was no longer Captain America, he’s still be Steve, but if Thor is no longer worthy of the power of Thor, does he lose his name as well as his powers? What to we refer to him as now? Not-Thor?

Furthermore, who is this new Thor? What was her name, as clearly she is a fully grown woman, so she must have had some sort of identity before. Does she have to give it up now that she has become Thor or will the name Thor become just a title?

So while I am extremely happy to see Marvel continue to spread diversity, and attempt to tap into the lesser catered to market out there, because ::cough::Girls-read-comics-too::cough::, I’m not sure this was the best character to do this with. I’m afraid that this might turn into just a “thing”, we never speak of, except to say, you know like, “Remember that time when Marvel tired to make Thor a chick?”.

I am quite happy with the fact that at least from the images Marvel has given us, New Thor (which is what I am dubbing her for now to avoid confusion) is that she appears to be reasonably proportioned AND wearing ACTUAL ARMOR! No strapless bathing suit/skin tight catsuit here! She looks like she can actually do battle in those clothes, which sadly isn’t as common as it should be. Yeay for small victories!

My hesitation in no way means that I won’t be picking up the series in October, because you know I will. It just means that I currently have A LOT of questions. I sincerely hope, that New Thor is just as badass and awesome, if not more so, then the current character and that we will have a generation who grows up  reading about her adventures.

How do you all feel about a Female Thor? Hit up the comments and let us know.



And now that EM has had her say, it falls to me to leave me thoughts, concerns and theory. Yes, I said theory. Upon hearing that Marvel was dropping a new “Thundering” title, my instant thought was ‘Huh, Thor? Female lead Thor? VALKYRIE!’ And there lies my theory. I think, and some of you may back me up, I think this woman who will be wielding Mjolnir is none other than one of the few females that could hold a candle to Thor: Valkyrie. Will it be her? I sure hope so.

How do I feel about this? Well … my panties aren’t in a bunch over it. This is one story arc, not changing the entire universe that is Thor. He simply is unworthy of the title of ‘Thor’ for a time. Who knows why. Pick up the issue in October and we shall all find out together! I’m excited to see a woman hold the title Thor whether it is kosher in terms of that darned inscription or not. ‘He’ is an ancient way of thinking of the human race in terms of documentation. So, honestly, changing with the times, ‘he’ can now include the ‘she’. So … cool. Bring on fem-Thor and all her female-ness! It may do the Marvel verse good. I don’t think this is a bad thing nor do I feel we have anything to ‘worry’ about. So long as Marvel doesn’t make this a ‘thing’, this whole ‘let’s make a male character a woman for a while’ thing, then they shall hold on to their new-found female audience and not make us all feel they are pandering to us. You hear me, Marvel? Pay attention.


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