Itty Bitty Reviews: Week of August 27th

Itty Bitty Reviews: Week of August 27th

Individual issues of comic books are nearly a snippet of a larger story, making it sometimes difficult to review without giving too much away. We here at It’s All Geek to Me Radio have come up with a solution!

The Challenge: Describe each week’s new issues, either the storyline itself or what stood out to you most in THREE words.

Let’s Play!

photo 3 (4)

Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl (Issue #1.4) -Defeat The Spider-Man


photo 1 (4)
Batman Eternal (Issue #21) -Fuck You Bard!


photo (2)
Bob’s Burgers (Issue #1) – Silly Fun time

photo 3 (5)

Borderlands Fall of Fyrestone (Issue #2) -Birds Can Fly


photo 4 (1)
Doctor Who 10th (Issue #2) -Nightmares Come Alive

photo 1 (5)
Dream Police (Issue #4) -To The Verge

photo 2 (4)

Pop (Issue #1) – Shoot the Bieber

photo 5 (2)

DC Secret Origins (Issue #5) -Red Hood Ledgend


photo 2 (5)

Silver Surfer (Issue #5) -World of Nightmares


photo 5 (1)
Wayward (Issue #1) I love Rori

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