Fave Five Fridays: Female Comic Book Characters Edition

Fave Five Fridays: Female Comic Book Characters Edition

Happy Friday Geeklings! Time to celebrate the coming weekend with some silliness.

We happen to be suckers for awesome female characters, which really shouldn’t be all that surprising. So, this week’s Fave Five is taking a look at the Female Characters in Comic books whom we adore . Click below to check it out:

Fave Five Friday’s Comic Book Ladies




1) Harley Quinn (DC comics)


Ok, sure she may be a bit, okay more than a bit psychotic, but that doesn’t make her ALL bad. I have loved Harley since she first appeared on Batman The Animated Series, and her new run, penned by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti is ridiculous amounts of fun. Despite being psychotic, she is still somehow so endearing.

2) Rogue (Marvel Comics)

X-Men TAS 306 Phoenix Saga 4 Starjammers [dummy] 029One half of my original OTP. I have been Shipping Rogue and Gambit, before I even know what Shipping was. That aside, I think we can all admit, Rogue is pretty badass. Her mutant ability, to absorb and then use the powers of others/kill humans by simply having physical contact with them is both amazing and terrifying. Making it totally understandable that she would want to give up her gifts.

3) Ms. Marvel AKA Kamala Khan (Marvel Comics)

safe_imageThere have been Many Ms. Marvels over the years, but I am talking about the current one, The one and only Kamala Khan. Can we just talk about how AWESOME it is to see a Muslim teenage girl from Jersey City, not ONLY headlining her own series but THRIVING! I have been ridiculously excited for this comic ever since it was announced and Kamala does not disappoint.

4) Batgirl AKA Barbara Gordon (DC Comics)


Again another role that has been filled by many, but never as wonderfully as Barbara Gordon. Ridiculously smart, skilled and a red-head to boot, Babs is awesome. After all she is one of, if not the only member of the Batfamily who is fighting for what is right for the sake of it, and not because of who she has lost.

5) She-Hulk AKA Jennifer Walters (Marvel Comics)

Screen-Shot-2014-02-14-at-7.34.18-AMYou know why I LOVE She-Hulk, particularly in her latest incarnation? She’s a lawyer first, and a hulked out she-beast second. Seriously. A majority of her current series is her in lawyer mode. A smart, well-respected female character using her skills to fight for justice without always resorting to violence? Yes, Please!



1) Barbara Gordon (DC Comics)


And I mean to keep her at number one. My favorite Batgirl who grew up to become Oracle. What could be better?

2) Poison Ivy aka Pamela Isley (DC Comics)


My favorite Villain, let alone female Villain. She uses her powers of seduction to rule the world. And she does it all in a leotard and tights, nonetheless. It helps that she is actually brainy and a biochemist, so none of this ‘sex symbol and only a sex symbol’ BS. Ivy has smarts. Occasionally she even gets to fight alongside Batsy. Love her.

3) Talia al Ghul (DC Comics)


Daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and mother to Batman’s son. Is that not enough? She inherits daddy’s empire when he goes AND she had badass ninja skills. Yup.

4) Valkyrie (Marvel Comics)


Recently a member of the Secret Avengers, she is otherwise known as the goddess Brunnhilde. She is one of Asgard’s mightiest warriors and the leader of the Valkyrior. In my humble opinion, she should be worth enough to wield Mjolnir considering her skills match that of Thor. One badass Asgardian female.

5) Mystique


Shapeshifter. ‘Nough said. Well, okay, I have more to say. She is an enigma, this one. Is she a terrorist or misguided with a good heart? Who can really tell? She puts on a new personality like she puts on a new face. I find her fascinating and she has a close second on the villains list next to Ivy.

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