Frankenstein: A National Theatre Live Event


National Theatre Live has become something of a habit of mine, it seems. A few weeks back I visited my local cinema (movie theatre to us yanks) and settled in for a roller coaster ride in the form of A Streetcar Named Desire from the Young Vic. Tonight, fittingly for what EM is calling ‘Hallo-week’, I stepped into the theater to witness the encore viewing of Frankenstein from the National Theatre. It was heartbreaking, disturbing, shocking and amazing. Jonny Lee Miller stepped into the shoes of The Creature in this performance and I was speechless at his interpretation.

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A Sleepy Hollow-een Afternoon

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, I mean come on it is a holiday which sanctions the over abundance of candy, pumpkin flavored goodies AND getting to play dress up, what’s not to love? I am personally celebrating what I like to call “Hallo-week” b/c why should Halloween only last a day. It was almost by accident that I happened to see the notice for FOX’s Sleepy Hollow-een, many thanks to Orlando Jones for putting out the tweet that jolted me into action. Click below for more.

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MARVEL Announcement Stops Fan Hearts


If you hopped on twitter around 2PM EST and are a Marvel fan, then you likely have had a mild heart attack over the stunning announcements made in a very short half hour. Following last weeks leaking of the Age of Ultron trailer which was quickly officially released by Marvel, today’s secret event laid out the timeline for their next EIGHT films. We were live on twitter following all the action as it happened! Listed below are the next eight Marvel films to hit the big screen. We are beyond excited!

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Itty Bitty Reviews: Week of October 22nd

Individual issues of comic books are nearly a snippet of a larger story, making it sometimes difficult to review without giving too much away. We here at It’s All Geek to Me Radio have come up with a solution!

The Itty Bitty Review!!! Here we describe the week’s comics in ONLY THREE words. Click below to check it out!

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