Fave Five Fridays: Space Captains Edition

Fave Five Fridays: Space Captains Edition

It’s Friday! Time to celebrate!

What better way to celebrate then with our Fave Five Space Captains? Click below to check it out:


1) Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly/Serenity)

Sci-Fi Channel#00001You had to know that was coming right? Do I really need to explain this one? Mal Reynolds, played by the ever charming Nathan Fillion, is the perfect example that heroes don’t need to be perfect. He wasn’t always the most honest man, but that’s not to say he didn’t have his own code. One thing’s for sure Mal protected his own.


2) Zapp Brannigan (Futuramma)

pgE56rTZapp is an arse, but a loveable one. He’s utter cluelessness makes him a highly entertaining character in the world of Futurama.


3) Turanga Leela (Futurama)


Yes, I am picking two Futurama characters, deal! Where Zapp is completely incompetent, Leela is completely in control. She can kick butt, but isn’t afraid to have a softer side either. Also-ly, how often do we get a female space captain?


4) Han Solo (Star War)


Can you tell I got a bit of a thing for scruffy, slightly arrogant, but really their heart is in the right place rogues? The original.


5) Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy)


I mean he is basically Marvel’s answer to Han.  Clearly I have a type…



1) Captain Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek: Voyager)


This one should be obvious if you have been around our blog or podcast long enough. Janeway was my hero when I was a teen. She was strength, confidence and sass all wrapped up in a tiny red-headed package. She could silence an alien with a glare, take down the Borg, give orders that were obeyed and still garner the loyalty of her crew … all with boobs. Paramount took a risk putting a woman in the captain’s seat (and got it wrong the first casting round), but it paid off. For four seasons until they mucked it up, but I’ll leave that rant for another post. She was the captain, but on occasion we got to see the woman beneath the pips and those were some of my favorite moments. She may have commanded a crew all by her lonesome, but she did it with perfect hair(most of the time) and in heels. Most Trekkies choose Picard first, but Janeway will always be my #1.

2) Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)


roguish, floppy hair, messes up on occasion … what is not to love about Mal Reynolds? He is proof that heroes are human. And he’s schexy.

3) Han Solo (Star Wars)


Roguish, floppy hair, messes up on occasion … wait … Okay, so I have a type when it comes to ruggedly handsome smugglers. Sue me. Han Solo was probably my first character crush. Maybe it was the sass … or the floppy hair … or the gun belt.

4) Captain Jean Luc Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Celebrity City

You’re not a trekkie if Picard isn’t on your list of favorite captains. No, he isn’t my #1 (I made a joke!), but I would sign on under his command. He was more of a stuffed shirt than Janeway, but he was honest and loyal and always put his crew first. And, well … he has a bit of roguish charm to.

5) Peter Quill (Guardians Of the Galaxy)


So … EM and I were meant to be friends for multiple reasons … apparently our mutual love of roguish space captains is now on the list.

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