NYCC 2014: Cary Elwes Panel

NYCC 2014: Cary Elwes Panel

Full disclosure: I have had a MASSIVE Crush on Cary Elwes since I was in the 3rd grade and saw Robin Hood Men in Tights. Seeing The Princess Bride only solidified my love. [Yes, I saw Men in Tights before Princess Bride, I grew up in a Mel Brooks loving household. Deal with it].

As soon as they announced Cary Elwes would be at NYCC I knew I HAD to see him. In fact as we have mentioned in many of our con prep episodes of the show it is important to have your “Non-Negotiable” list, this definitely made mine.

The panel took place late in the day on Sunday, in fact it was the last panel slated for one of the smaller rooms, which meant we ended up attending the panel before it just to make sure we got in. The reason for his appearance, was to promote his new memoir, As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride
which you can purchases here, and you should, it is a highly entertaining read.

The panel began with a clip from the movie, more clips would punctuate the panel, and I have to say there is nothing more amazing than sharing in the experience of watching a movie you love with one of the people who made its very existence possible. Photo Oct 12, 5 26 56 PM

Not only is Cary is a natural-born entertainer, regaling the room with tales of filming, while doing impressions of everyone from the British PA, to Andre the Giant & Rob Reiner, but also just a genuinely nice guy. Someone in the front row coughed and he without even really pausing filled a cup from the pitcher of water on the dais in front of him and handed it to her.

Once the moderator had finished, there was apparently no time left for questions, however Cary Elwes is not a man to disappoint, and so despite the fact that the volunteers and moderator alike were clearly attempting to wrap it up, proceeded to take a few questions anyway.

The perfect way to end a con.



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