NYCC 2014: Stephen Amell Panel

NYCC 2014: Stephen Amell Panel

A word to the wise if you ever attend a Stephen Amell panel at a con MAKE SURE YOU ARE CAUGHT UP! Spoilers abound. That being said, he’s complete candor is part of what makes him so endearing.

Stephen answered a ton of fan questions on everything ranging from sharing stories of pranks on set to hinting about big things coming Laurel’s way this season. I think we can all pretty much infer what that implies. Sorry non-Laurel fans, looks like she is not only here to stay, but her role is about to get even bigger.

In a surprise move, Colin Donnell aka Tommy Merlyn himself crashed the panel much to the delight of fans in the room. It actually turned out to be pretty good timing, as not only would the episode he was due to appear in air the following week (10/15/14), but also his new show The Affair, staring Joshua Jackson was to premiere the following night. Colin joked that it is in his contracts now that he will only do shows with ridiculously attractive men.


One of the most fun things about Stephen’s panel was the fact that you could truly tell that he is a fanboy himself. The man refers to episodes by episode numbers and can rattle off specific details of scenes. He even mentioned going back to watch a specific scene from the first season to double-check on a detail mentioned in the opener for season three. He talked about his desire, time permitting of course, to go compete on America Ninja Warrior, and host an episode of Monday Night Raw.

You can tell not only does he love what he does but also is genuinely grateful for all the support from fans. But of course anyone who follows the man on social media knows that.

Arrow airs on Wednesday nights at 8PM EST


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