NYCC 2014: Star Trek Equinox

My question from the moment I saw this panel listed on the NYCC app was ‘what IS Star Trek Equinox?’

Further questions followed, ‘do they mean ‘Equinox’ like ‘Captain Rudy Ransom’ Equiox?’ ‘do they mean like the two part episode of Voyager?’ Yes. Yes, they do. All of the above, in fact. I sat down in the small panel room, annoyed by the fact that I was so far back and that the tables weren’t elevated off the floor thus making it impossible to see anyone’s face (Dear, NYCC, work on that, yea?). I had made some new line friends waiting to be let into the small room and we welcomed the cast and executives behind the fan film with applause and anticipation.

On the NYCC app it had listed Robert Beltran as a guest which is initially what made me say I was going to this panel no matter what. We wound up getting a visit from Jon Savage and Garrett Wang, both reprising their roles in the film. Garrett told some wonderful stories about his time on Voyager and took a few fan questions toward the end of the panel. While a lot was said involving the film, the thing that I really took away from it was how passionate these people are about what they are doing. They have recreated the sets up in Ticonderoga and go up there for a few weeks a year to make more Star Trek. If you have ever wanted to work on Star Trek, even if you don’t posses the skill set to help in production, they want you to go on their facebook page and click the recruit button. Every film set can use more PA’s and you could get the chance to work on something amazing with people who really believe in what they are doing.

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