MARVEL Announcement Stops Fan Hearts


If you hopped on twitter around 2PM EST and are a Marvel fan, then you likely have had a mild heart attack over the stunning announcements made in a very short half hour. Following last weeks leaking of the Age of Ultron trailer which was quickly officially released by Marvel, today’s secret event laid out the timeline for their next EIGHT films. We were live on twitter following all the action as it happened! Listed below are the next eight Marvel films to hit the big screen. We are beyond excited!

Who wants to plan some viewing gatherings? It’s never too early!

Captain America: Civil War coming to theaters May 6, 2016

Doctor Strange coming to theaters November 4, 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 coming to theaters May 5, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok coming to theaters July 28, 2017

Black Panther coming to theaters November 3, 2017

Captain Marvel coming to theaters July 6, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 coming to theaters May 2018. Part 2 coming to theaters May 2019

Which film are you most excited for? Let’s start the viewing gathering planning now, folks! It’ll be a grand grand 3 years of Marvel.

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