How Arrow Ruined Laurel Lance…

I first have to say the I love Arrow, I mean I L-O-V-E LOVE it. It is one of the few shows I make it a point of watching the night it airs, and while some characters, most even are pretty fleshed out, complex even one has always bothered me. Laurel Lance. I will come out and say it I HATE Dinah Laurel Lance. No hate or disrespect to Kate Cassidy, let us not forget folks, actors are different from the characters they play.

Besides, it’s not entirely her fault I have such a dislike for the character. The Powers That Be over at Arrow have royally mistreated her. Let’s break it down by season shall we?


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First Looks: First Official Trailer for The Duff

Full disclosure, I am really excited for this movie. I have been ever since I heard it was happening. It’s reminiscent of the ’90’s pop culture phenomenon that was the bubblegum teen rom-com, think She’s All That, or 10 Things I Hate About You, but still feels modern, kind of like Easy A did. Add to that the fact that they cast Robbie Amell as one of the leads, and those of you who have listened to the show, now how we feel about the Amells, and I’ve been positively giddy with anticipation.

The Duff, which in addition to Amell, stars Bella Thorne, Mae Whitman, and Allison Janney finally has a trailer. Click below to check it out:

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