Fave Five Fridays: TV Doctors

Fave Five Fridays: TV Doctors

There’s no shortage of Doctors on television. This week, we explore our faves.

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1) The Doctor (Doctor Who, BBC)

So I might be a cheat to classify all the incarnations of The Doctor as one, but technically they are all the same man and come on, how much fun would it be if my list was all from the same show. Though technically not a medical doctor, he does have the penchant for saving, people, planets and things. There’s a reason the show has lasted over fifty years people!


2) Doctor Gregory House (House M.D., FOX)

I was just out of college when I became OBSESSED with this show. A friend of mine had the dvds, this was before Netflix offered streaming, and I marathoned seasons one through three. The show had its ups and downs but the first few seasons were awesome. Sure House was a bit of an ass, but watching him work out exactly what the diagnoses was, was fascinating. Plus his BFF was played by Robert Sean Leonard of Dead Poets Society.


3) Doctor John Watson (Sherlock, BBC)

The Army Doctor turned constant companion to the world’s only consulting detective. BBC’s modern take on Sherlock, also provides a modern take on Doctor Watson. Martin Freeman, is adorable, hedgehog-ish and perfect.


4) Doctor Benjamin “Hawkeye” Pierce (M*A*S*H, CBS)

I grew up watching M*A*S*H which is slightly odd because the show went off the air before I was born, but thanks to the glory of reruns, seriously FX used to run like 4 hours of it a day, and having two parents who loved it I have seen every episode multiple times. Something about Alan Alda’s portrayal of Hawkeye is just so compelling that it would be impossible to leave him off the list. He’s funny and sarcastic but also compassionate and caring.


5) Doctor Simon Tam (Firefly, Fox)

Simon doesn’t get enough credit, guys. He gave up a promising medical and pretty much his entire life to take care of his sister. River was always his first concern. Caring, dedicated and kinda adorable, it’s hard not to love Simon.



1) The Doctor (Star Trek: Voyager, UPN)

The Holo-Doc of Voyager was my favorite Star Trek doctor for so many reason, but most of all because of his sass. He could sass his way out of anything and order the captain to finally put down the cup of coffee without being deactivated. His story arch was one of the most fun as he learned to be more human, much like Data in TNG. Robert Picardo will forever be one of my favorites.

2) Dr. Dana Scully (The X-Files, FOX)

What? She WAS a doctor, you guys. How else would Mulder have gotten the answers he did if he didn’t have a doctor on his side who could perform autopsies … directly out of medical school … *cough* As much as the lines were blurred, Gillian Anderson did spout off a pretty large amount of medical jargon to warrant the title. Plus, she was fun sized, red-haired and ran around in heels after a man chasing aliens. She belongs on every faves list ever.

3) Dr. John Carter (ER, NBC)

Mmm. One of my first crushes. John Carter came to ER as a resident and left as a doctor. He also was one of the few series originals that remained when the show went off the air. He was cute and smart and sort of a push over. ER was my mothers favorite show and I sometimes joke that ER was my childhood considering it came on when I moved into my last school district in 4th grade and it went off the air the year I graduated college.

4) Dr. Julian Bashir (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, UPN)

Oh, Bashir. I had many a naughty dream about y-*cough* I mean … Bashir and his cute accent was possibly the best part of DS9 aside from Jadiza and Worf. His awkwardness just made his that much more adorable. I was not such the big fan of DS9, but Bashir made it worth it.

5) Dr. Hannibal Lector (Hannibal, NBC)

What isn’t to love about a psychiatrist who is cannibalistic and manipulative? Mads Mikkleson plays possibly my favorite version of Hannibal Lector to hit the screen. He may not be the most handsome man alive (although his native home of Denmark surely thinks he is the sexist man they have ever seen), but there is something about him that draws you in. He once said he wanted to play Satan and I like to think he does.

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