Philae Touches Down at Agilkia


It is a great day for the ESA and for human kind. Our species landed a space craft on a moving comet. What did yours do today?

Called the Rosetta Mission, it has taken 10 years for Rosetta to chase down the comet named 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. It was released into orbit in March 2004 and has spent the last 10 years gathering speed before arriving at it’s intended point in August. At 4:03 this morning, the probe Philea was launched and took a 7 hour decent to take a soft landing on the comet at a site they are calling Agilkia, named for an island in the Nile. Congrats to the ESA and humanity. We now inhabit a planet and a comet solely with robots.

For more information, visit: The New York Times, The European Space Agency, The Washington Post

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