Fave Five Fridays: Things about Fall

Fave Five Fridays: Things about Fall

We are in the thick of fall right now, so before we completely turn our thoughts to visions of sugar plumbs and all things holiday, we decided to take a mo-mo to talk about our fave five things of fall-ness



1) Fall Tv

The returning of old shows and the introduction of new shows, what’s not to love? I LIVE for fall tv, and my DVR always suffers. The Boy on multiple occasions has tried to tell me I can’t watch EVERYTHING, and I continue to try and prove him wrong. Seriously though, few things make me happier than fall tv.


2) Skirts and Hoodies

By far my fave wardrobe combination. Fall is the time where it is just cool enough to wear a hoodie instead of a jacket, confession I will put off wearing an actual winter jacket for as long as humanly possible, but still warm enough to wear skirts without the annoyance of tights.


3) Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

I love…no, I mean I LOVE pumpkin flavored things and fall is the season for it. Pumpkin Coffee, Pumpkin Beer, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin spice chai if you can pumpkin it, I’m consuming it.


4)  Dark Color Nail Polish

I’m not really a pink, or pastel type girl when it comes to paining my nails. I like my colors DARK, like deep reds, dark blues, blacks even and while I know, it’s my nails and I can paint them whatever colors, whenever I want, it’s still makes me happy when the fall and winter colors start rolling out.


5) Halloween

Let’s face it any holiday that encourages me to eat endless amounts of candy and makes it totally normal to play dress up all day is a-okay in my book. Honestly though, Halloween is def one of my favorite holidays.



1) Pumpkin flavored everything

Lattes, doughnuts, muffins, cider. You name it, as long as it’s gluten free, I’ll eat or drink it. Pumpkin pie is the best part of this pumpkin-loving escapade that all food and beverage companies begin in September. Huzzah for pumpkin!

2) Fall TV Premieres

That summer break used to be much more difficult when I was a teen. While we do have some awesome summer TV and I have been known, in the past, to indulge in more Summer TV than Fall TV, the premieres of our favorite shows and shows that are yet to be seen is exciting. New stories for my voracious mind is always a plus!

3) Sweaters!

I adore sweaters, I just hate their price tags. As soon as the temperatures dip below 65, I’m donning a sweater and live in them until the first warm days of March/April.

4) The Holidays

Thanksgiving isn’t really a family holiday for me, it’s a friend holiday. We reconnect with friends on Thanksgiving at a friend’s dinner table and catch up from Easter. It also means that snow and Christmas are not far behind!

5) The Changing of the Leaves

My birthday happens to be in October and the changing of the leaves not only indicates less sunshine for the year (ew), but it also lets me know that I am another year older. It’s also so very pretty.

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