Episode 62: Comic TV Heats Up and Tis The Season for Geeky Gifts!

Episode 62: Comic TV Heats Up and Tis The Season for Geeky Gifts!

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 62: Comic TV Heats Up and Tis The Season for Geeky Gifts! ) HERE, in archives. OR now we are on iTunes, so you can now download us directly on to your listening device of choice!


Below you can find links to some of the things we talked about:




The Flash


Sleepy Hollow


The Walking Dead


 TNT Cancels Franklin & Bash

 The Fall season 2 is coming to Netflix


Evil Dead Tv Series for Starz





Out Last Week (11/12)

Batgirl (Issue #36)
Djengo Zorro (Issue #1)
Dream Police (Issue #5)
She Hulk (Issue #10)
Silver Surfer (Issue #7)
Thor (Issue #2)
Wytches (Issue #2)


Coming Out This Week (11/19)

Amazing Spider-Man (Issue #10)
Batman Eternal (Issue #33)
Bob’s Burgers (Issue #4)
Doctor Who 10th (Issue #5)
Harley Quinn (Issue #12)
Lumberjanes (Issue #8)
Spider-Woman (Issue #1)
Teen Titans (Issue #4)


Geeky Gifts
Cate’s Pick

Impossible Instant Lab Photo Printer 

Transform digital images into analog instant photos with this awesomely innovative device by the experts at Impossible. Super easy-to-use — just download the accompanying iPhone app and you’re in business.


EM’s Pick


CLUE®: Supernatural Collector’s Edition (Hot Topic Exclusive)

 One of your favorite Supernatural characters has been possessed & is committing terrible deeds!  Now is the time for you to become the hunter and attempt to discover – WHO is possessed WHAT mystical object was used to open the demon portal, and WHERE the portal was opened! Was it Sam with the Revolver in the Rocky Mountains? Or Dean on the West Coast with the Winchester Journal? Solve the mystery and victory will be yours

Each Week the list will be updated here with all our geeky gift suggestions.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, and follow our Twitter @allgeek2meradio for more fun events, giveaways and tomfoolery.

As always we love hearing from you, so hit up the comments with your suggestions, comments & questions.

~ Cate & EM

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