Fave Five Fridays: Male Superheroes

Fave Five Fridays: Male Superheroes

So several weeks back we told you guys our fave female superheroes, so we figured it’s only fair to give the guys some time to. Click below to find out our picks.




1) Batman/Bruce Wayne (DC)

I’ve been a Batman fan for years. I watched Batman The Animated Series, pretty much every day after school. To me, Batman will always be one of if not THE best superheroes, because essentially, he is just a man. An incredibly rich and freakishly brilliant man, but a man none the less. Thus making him superior.



2) Arrow/Oliver Queen (DC)

I wrote Arrow and not Green Arrow, for a very specific reason. I am personally not as well versed in the Green Arrow universe, sure I know some information, but really my heart belongs to the Arrow of CW’s Arrow. Once again, I find I’m drawn to a non-superpowered super hero. Oliver Queen is super skilled, at one point super rich and smart enough to surround himself with a super team to help out in areas he may be lacking.


will-nightwing-appear-in-arrow3) Nightwing/Dick Grayson (DC)

I L-O-V-E LOVE me some Dick Grayson. Always have always will. He’s been Robin. He’s been Batman. But to me Nightwing is when he really was able to go out on his own. Still no Superpowers though.


Captain-America-2-HD-Wallpaper14) Captain America/Steve Rogers (Marvel)

So the Cap has what I like to call “sorta superpowers”. I mean he’s been genetically enhanced, but let’s be honest when you take away he’s powers Steve Rogers can still kick butt.

XMen1315) Gambit/Remy LeBeau (Marvel)

The only superhero on my list with actual powers! Come on Cajan accent, fights with a bow staff but his weapon of choice is charged up playing cards, what is not to love? Plus I toats shipped him and Rogue before I knew what a ship was. Needless to say I am excited to FINALLY see him in a live action movie, yeay Channing Tatum! (I know what you’re are thinking…and no, trust me it’s better if we all just accept that Channing will be the first to play him and forget about that monstrosity that was Wolverine: Origins)



1) Batman/Bruce Wayne (DC)

Dark, brooding and kicks butt without any need for super powers. The Dark Knight has long been my favorite superhero. I can remember watching the cartoons as early as age 5 and just loving Bruce Wayne. Perhaps I like a man that broods. Perhaps I just like the mask.


2) Iron Man/Tony Stark (Marvel)

Playboy philanthropists with daddy issues are just the best. He kicks butts with no super powers, just awesomely built machines that make him fly. I’m sorry, Pepper, but I’m way jealous.


3) Captain America/Steve Rogers (Marvel)

A living time capsule, Cap is on this list because he brings with his massive guns a sense of nostalgia. He might be the only man to call me ma’am and not have me be offended.


4) Wolverine/James “Logan” Howlett (Marvel)

Magic healing powers and bones made of steel (or Adamantium if you really want to be technical). He has also lived through several eras of history and I’m sure he could tell a good story.


5) Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Marvel)

I have a type: men who can kick butt without the need for super powers. All brawn all the time. Plus archery has always been a favorite sport of mine, so that helps.

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