Geeky PJs For All!

Geeky PJs For All!

The holidays are fast approaching, and for a lot of geeks, that means waking up Christmas morning and opening presents. Which, often means, Christmas Morning pictures, what better time to show off your geekery. Click below to see some awesome geeky options*!

Star Wars Fan

jumpin-jammerz05Seriously, who doesn’t want adult footie Pajamas? Especially awesome Star Wars ones? These awesome gems are available men or women in a variety of patterns.

(Available here ,at, for $44.99 +SH)


For The Caped Crusader 

14ec_superheroine_caped_sleep_tanksPJs with a CAPE! I think it’s pretty clear how awesome that is.

(Available here, at, for $19.99 +SH)


For The Trekkie

16bf_star_trek_tng_pajama_setStar Trek TNG Pjs….Wake it so.

(Available here, at, for 29.99 +SH)


For The Whovian

1d08_dont_blink_pajama_set_front 1d08_dont_blink_pajama_set_backDoctor Who Don’t Blink PJs, Terrifyingly fun!

(Available here, from, for $34.99 +SH)


For Someone Marvelous


Assemble with Avengers Minimalist Faces Sleep Pants!

(Available here, at, for $21.99 +SH)

*We are not affiliated with any of these links, we are not receiving payment for posting these links (though we’d happily accept if they offered it ::wink, wink:: )


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