EM’s Fandom Christmas List 2014

EM’s Fandom Christmas List 2014

Remember being little and writing up your list for Santa? Asking for whatever it was your tiny little heart desired? Well, these days my wishes are of a different kind, so I decided to write up my very own Fandom Wishlist, but be warned, there be spoilers ahead! Click below to check it out.

Dear Writers and Powers that Be,

Thank you for bringing such great entertainment in to my life this past year, I know you work very hard to do so. That being said, I have a few wishes for the new year, which I have listed below, categorized by show.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

– Ward to not be completely evil.

Come on people, he’s only working for Hydra to get close to Skye’s dad & keep his promise to her. Right? Right?


Ok, so I don’t necessarily want Fitz & Simmons together in a romantical sense, not right now anyway, but I want them back to their bestie selves. I am so not digging all the angsty weirdness going on the season.


– Ollie to be not dead.

I mean that’s a given right? He’s toats ok, right?

– Some quality OLICITY!

He told her he loves her! Like flat out, I’m probably going to die and wasn’t to make sure you know it before I do, told her. She can’t just ignore that! She already failed in not grabbing him & planting one on him before he left for the dual. Him kissing her on the forehead was sweet and all but, come on, when your man goes off to war you kiss him goodbye. When he returns she better remedy that.

– Less Laurel storylines.

Yeah, yeah I know that’s not gonna happen, but a girl can dream right?

Doctor Who


– A New Companion

Clara solves too much. She’s kind of emotional soapy mess of a character. I hate to see what the fall out of losing Danny is going to be. I love Jenna-Louise Coleman, but I am toats over Clara.

The Flash

– More of the burgeoning bromance between Eddie and Barry.

Because come on it was adorbs when Eddie was attempting to train Barry. Honestly if Iris wasn’t a factor I think they’d be kind of awesome friends.

– More backstory on Cisco.

Wells background is murky and mysterious for reasons, I get it. But aside from him Cisco is the only one of our core group that we don’t really know all that much about. Caitlin has her Ronnie storyline, Joe and Iris have each other and lots of flashbacks, but what’s the deal with Cisco?

– Less of Iris’ whining.

She is the Laurel of The Flash.



– Less Batman.

The show is not about Batman. Batman is twelve. He can not be killed, so putting him in life and death situations is pointless. Check in with him like one show a month if you really have too, or if his storyline crosses with Gordon, like with the benefit that got gassed, otherwise…let it go…

– Give us more unknowns

The main problems with prequels, is that we know where certain characters are going. As I mentioned with Batman above, Gotham is FULL of characters that can’t be killed, because they need to become someone/something. What needs to happen is we need some unknown characters thrown into the mix, so that we can actually fear for whats to become of them.

Sleepy Hollow

– More Irving!

He was woefully underused this season thus far. Sure, they may have killed him in the midseason finale (YOU HAD ONE JOB KATRINA) but it’s Sleepy Hollow now one every really dies. I mean Andy died in the first episode and we still got a whole season plus one episode of season two out of him. Speaking of Andy…

– Bring back John Cho!

Sure Andy is WAY dead and the last time he saw Abbie he told her he might not be able to see her again. Keyword there is MIGHT. Now that Selfie got the axe, stupid ABC, I’m sure his schedule has opened up, so let’s do this!

– More Hawley

Let’s face it Hawley was grossly underused in the midseason finale, though he’s fared far better this season than Irving, as a glorified babysitter. I know I’m in the minority here, but kinda like the idea of him and Abbie together.

– Katrina to actually be useful.

The whole first season we are told what an awesome all-powerful witch she is. This season she hasn’t been able to do anything. She couldn’t even stop Irving’s bleeding, at the very least APPLY PRESSURE WOMAN! So I’d really be able to see her do something this upcoming part of the season.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Poster Art - Frank Ockenfels/AMC

You got rid of Bob, so we’re mostly cool…but if I had to nitpick…

– Please help Tyreese get his backbone back.

I mean, not like he has to go on a killing spree, but he needs to man up a little.

Thank you.


P.S.- I’ve been really good this year!

What are on your Fandom Wishlists? Hit up the comments and let us know.

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