Bitch Planet Issue #1 Review


When you read a title like ‘Bitch Planet’ you should know right off the bat that something is going to sneak up and punch you in the face. What punches you in the face in this issue? I’m about to spoil you a twinge to answer that question.

On the second page of this issue we are greeted by fully naked women in suspended animation on their trip to the ‘Auxiliary Compliance Outpost’ known as ‘Bitch Planet’ to the layman. As we dive further in, we realize that we are all currently living on Bitch Planet. The social, racial and sexiest discrimination may be subtle in our real world, but on this prison planet Kelly Sue DeConnick has created, she has slapped us across the face with them. In an exceptional way that, I think, may make some people wake up and take notice.

I won’t spoil you further, I will just urge you to read the backmatter essay written by Danielle Henderson that follows the issue. Comics like this are the ones that create the ripples that become the waves of change.

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