Once Upon A Time Ep 4.11 “Heroes and Villains”

Once Upon A Time Ep 4.11 “Heroes and Villains”

It’s the end of the line for our Frozen characters after the finale. Whether you loved it or hated it, it was definitely an interesting change of pace. I am excited to get back to concentrating on our core characters, though. So let’s see what our finale had in store for us and where it’ll take us in the last half of the season.

No more Arendelle flashbacks now that the Frozen storyline is over. For the finale we returned to the Enchanted Forest to follow Rumplestiltskin and his captive maid, Belle. Rumplestiltskin shows Belle the newest item in his magical arsenal, a magical gauntlet from Camelot that can identify people’s greatest weakness. When Belle theorizes the purpose behind Rumplestiltskins’ collection, she is sent out to fold laundry. She comes across an adorable little Dalmatian puppy and is taken hostage by an unseen figure when she chases it into the woods. When Rumple realizes she’s missing he finds a message from the kidnapper’s demanding he meet them with the magical gauntlet.
Gold brings the gauntlet to the appointed meeting time and is met with Maleficent (great to have Kristen Bauer van Straten gracing our screens again!). She demands the gauntlet in exchange for Belle and when Gold tries to dispose of her for betraying the Dark One, he discovers she’s not alone, she’s teamed up with Ursula and Cruella De Vil. He’s forced to hand over the gauntlet in order to save Belle’s life and the trio reveal they plan to use it to help them defeat their enemies, the heroes who always win. We later see Rumplestiltskin meeting with the three women and reclaiming his gauntlet. Cruella tells him the villains never win and tries to convince him to join them in their quest to change the balance between heroes and villains.

In modern day Storybrooke, Elsa finally brings down the ice wall surrounding the town. Although Anna is eager to return to Arendelle, she is stopped by Emma who realizes Ingrid’s enchantment is still protecting the town. Elsa joins in Anna’s determination to get back when Anna tells her Hans has conquered Arendelle.

Gold’s plan has become more complicated now that the Snow Queen’s spell failed.
Gold and Hook are led to the abandoned mansion where Gold tried to trap Emma in the sorcerer’s hat. We learn that the mansion belongs to our elusive sorcerer and is currently housing the portal to Arendelle. Gold sends Hook to the diner to inform Emma and the Arendelle crew of the newly discovered portal. Emma realizes something is not right with Hook, and we see that he’s essentially a ventriloquist’s dummy, with Gold speaking for him via his heart.
As Belle packs for her trip she is visited by Henry (who’s apparently taken to calling her Grandma), who wonders how she can be leaving town with the Snow Queen’s spell in place. They come across the Camelot gauntlet, which Belle seems surprised to find.
The Charmings say goodbye to Anna, Elsa and Kristoff and send them back to Arendelle through the portal. Just before she goes through Anna wishes she could thank Gold since he helped them find the portal. She asks who he was in the “other world” and reveals that she and Rumplestiltskin did know each other and Gold has been lying to them this whole time.
In our last look at Arendelle, Anna and Elsa have defeated Hans and are preparing (finally!) for Anna and Kristoff’s wedding.

Emma and Snow track down Gold in the clock tower and try to stop him from going through with his plan. He freezes them and attempts to kill Hook but is unable to crush his heart. We discover why when Belle appears with the dagger, which she to compel Gold to stop the spell. She makes him take them to the town line and admits she found the gauntlet which led her to Gold’s true weakness, the real dagger which he had bee hiding from her. She realizes his true love is his power, not her, and commands him to step over the town line and leave Storybrooke forever. Kudos to Belle for finally growing a backbone and seeing Gold for who he truly is!

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, Regina and Robin are dealing with the fallout of the Snow Queen. Maid Marian is now unfrozen and Regina is able to return her heart. Marian confronts her about her feelings for Robin, conceding that Regina and Robin love each other. She tells Regina she’ll let Robin choose the woman he wants to be with. Robin, of course, chooses Regina, but the couples brief happiness at their possible future together is cut short when Marian collapses. She’s still infected with the Snow Queen’s curse and the only way to save her is for her to leave Storybrooke. Regina insists Robin and Roland join her, as Marian will needs someone who understands and can navigate this new world – although one could argue that Robin is a poor choice, never having been outside Storybrooke himself.
As Regina prepares to say goodbye to Robin, she’s visited by Gold, who’s come to say a goodbye of his own as he prepares to leave town as well. She questions how he’s gotten his happy ending when she always seems to miss out on hers. Gold informs her he took it and that “being good doesn’t mean good things will happen” – a sentiment Regina is well aware of.
Marian crosses the town line and is cured of her frozen illness. Robin and Regina share a last kiss before he steps over as well. As Regina walks away, she tears up the alternate story book page Robin had discovered, apparently believing her chance for a happy ending is over.

As the episode comes to an end, Emma returns Hook’s heart and the two share a passionate kiss. She then joins Regina as she mopes at the diner, offering to be her drinking buddy in lieu of any pep talks. As they toast to Gold being miserable (who knew Granny’s served shots!), Henry interrupts with a discovery he made out at the mansion. Behind a hidden panel is a library full of empty story books. They deduce that the mansion belongs to the elusive author and tell Emma of Operation Mongoose, which she eagerly agrees to join.

Fastforward to NYC, six weeks later. Gold, with his renewed limp and cane, makes his way to an aquarium, where we find Ursula working. Gold tells her of the author and proposes a plan to hunt him down and make him rewrite their stories, after they’ve made two more stops – presumably to enlist Maleficent and Cruella in their quest.

So what did you think? Happy the Frozen storyline has come to an end? Excited for the upcoming heroes versus villains fight? We’ve got a couple of Once-less months ahead of us with the show scheduled to return on March 1st. Hope you find something to keep you busy during the hiatus!

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