THE AFTER is No More

THE AFTER is No More

Well received by fans via Amazon Instant Video, the Chris Carter helmed series The After has met its demise after only releasing the pilot. I think I speak for everyone when I say ‘…Qua?’

According to our source, Amazon and The X Files creator decided to part ways after the series had already been purchased for a March release. Okay, Amazon, is this really the way to move forward with your want to be like Netflix? Eliminate new content after a well reviewed pilot is released? Bravo.

If you don’t know, The After was a Sci fi series that stranded eight strangers with each other at the end of the world. Basically. Chris Carter says he used Dante’s Inferno as his inspiration for the series that, quite frankly, intrigued me. It had potential in my mind and I certainly would have paid to watch it.

Anyone else as disappointed in Amazon as I am?

(Via Nerdist)

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