Five Reasons You Should Be Watching MARVEL’s Agent Carter

The world premiere of the much anticipated MARVEL’s Agent Carter hit the small screen Tuesday night, and what a fantastic ride it was. We were gifted with a two hour premiere which was rather brilliant of the MARVEL Mouse being that so many shows never do a two hour anything. If you didn’t watch or simply need five reasons to keep watching, check below the cut. 1. A Woman In A Man’s World

Peggy lives in the world of the 1940’s. Women were secretaries, teachers, waitresses and librarians. While, yes, she is an SSR agent, she is basically a secretary to the men around her. The fact that every time we see Peggy taking care of business, she never has male backup or a man helping her at all is stellar. She has this. That fact alone is a perfect reason to continue watching. 2. The Clothes

I am a huge costume geek. I wouldn’t hold a degree in costume design if I wasn’t. The clothes in this show are stunning. From the blue suit Peggy wears with that sassy red hat to Jarvis’s three piece suits, the MARVEL Mouse spared no expense with the costumes. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin. 3. The References

I ran out of fingers to count the number of MARVEL reference that were in these two episodes. Howard Stark, Roxxon, the Cap flashbacks and so many many more. MARVEL knows what we like, and Easter eggs are definitely something we love. 4. The Ride

This was basically a two-hour MARVEL action movie. In the first twenty minutes, this episode has so much butt-kicking, jam-packed action sequences I was stunned that so little time had gone by. Bravo, MARVEL. Bravo. 5. The Relationships

Peggy’s budding friendship with Angie, her maybe-more-than-friendship with Howard Stark and her banter with Jarvis make us care. While a woman kicking butt in heels and red lipstick is pretty stellar, it is the moments that make us smile and our hearts swell that keep us.

Keep up the good work, MARVEL. We love ya so far!

MARVEL’s Agent Carter airs Tuesday nights at 9PM EST.

2 thoughts on “Five Reasons You Should Be Watching MARVEL’s Agent Carter

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