NYC to LA In Under One Hour?

Imagine being able to be in NYC, jump on a jet-like system and be in LA in 45 minutes. Sounds too of to be true, doesnt it? Well, sit back, relax and enjoy the magnetic weightlessness.

Elon Musk revealed his idea for the Hyperlooper in 2013, but has made strides in turning it into a reality. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc, a crowd-funded startup is about to change our reveling lives. The system

is a lot like the system some hospitals employ to transport medications and documents I different departments. An air stream is pushed trough a tunnel propelling capsules to other destinations. With the addition of magnets, the capsule that we humans would be in has the ability to speed up and slow down.

Either sign me up or call it a death trap, I’m not sure which.

(Via Luminary Daily)

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