BBC War and Peace to Star Gillian Anderson

The Daily Mail out of the UK reports that, not only is BBC1 to do a War and Peace like no other, but that Gillian Anderson is to star as the ‘scheming and manipulative’ Anna Pavlovna. Who else is intrigued?

I don’t know about you, but Gillian Anderson + ‘scheming and manipulative’ sounds pretty dandy. According to Bafta-winning writer Andrew Davies: ‘The thing with Gillian is that she never does what is expected of her and it will be thrilling to see what she does with the part.’ Yep. Sums it up perfectly.

According to Daily Mail, Davies has been criticized in the past for ‘sexing up’ the books he adapts. Well, Bleak House certainly had no sex whatsoever, so … okay? Perhaps War and Peace will benefit from what was merely left to the imagination by Tolstoy. Though, that whole incest thing I could live without.

No news on when this nugget will hit the airwaves, but have no fear that we will keep you updated!

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