Get Your Geek On!

Get Your Geek On!

Despite starting off the year with the best of intentions, as we crawl further into January, some of us may find it difficult to stick to our resolutions of living a healthier, more active life.

But fear not, lovely geeklings, for we have compiled some awesome geeky workout gear to get you excited to work out! Click below for more.


– Because the Cuter your workout clothes, the more you want to wear them!


Perfect Pun for Whovians

(Available here, at, for $24.65 +SH, ON SALE (reg $29.00))


Get your Magical Girl on

(Available here, at, for $29.00 +SH)


One for the Trekkies

(Available here, at, for $28.00 +SH)


Game of Thrones Fans everywhere are feeling this one…

(Available here, at, for $20.00 +SH ON SALE (reg $29.00))


Winchesters and Puppies what could be better?

(Available here, at, for $25.00 +SH)


The Comfy kind of “Wonder” bra…

(Available here, at, for $34.99 +SH)


– Because it’s important to stay properly hydrated!


(Available here, at, for $25.00 +SH)


(Available here, at, for $14.99 +SH)


– Because sometimes you just want so extra cool gear!


Wonder Woman Weight Lifting gloves!

(Available here, at, for $45.00 +SH (Add SWAROVSKI crystals for an additional $10.00))


Captain America Headphones (Iron Man, Hulk, Minions & Guardians of the Galaxy also available)

(Available here, at, for $49.99 +SH)

*We are not affiliated with any of these links, we are not receiving payment for posting these links (though we’d happily accept if they offered it ::wink, wink:: )


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