“The Departure” – A Streetcar Prequel by Gillian Anderson

“The Departure” – A Streetcar Prequel by Gillian Anderson

“Actors often talk of a role getting under their skin, but rarely as much as Gillian Anderson with her performance as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire.”

– The Guardian

A few months back, I had the great privilege to go to my local movie theatre and sit through a live taped performance of A Streetcar Named Desire from the Young Vic in London. Gillian Anderson positively transformed into Blanche Dubois so much so that I was stunned when I left the theatre. The subject matter of the play is enough to leave you a bit uneasy, but Blanche’s slow tumble into an insanity that we just can not understand was powerful.

Now, months later, Gillian Anderson has transformed into Blanche Dubois once again. She has stepped behind and in front of the camera to direct herself in a 17 minute short prequel to the play. The film has very little dialogue, but the silences say so much.

Pop over to The Guardian, watch the film and then drop a question for Gillian in the comments section for the live web chat on Monday February 9th. Or, be one of the lucky ones and tune in!

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