Fave Five Fridays: I Will Go Down With This Ship!

Fave Five Fridays: I Will Go Down With This Ship!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, tomorrow to be exact, and even if you don’t have someone to get all romantical with, you can celebrate with your favorite ships!  We decided now would be the perfect time to take a mo-mo to talk about some our fave five pairings.


gambit_and_rogue_by_seja_aka_lita-d6t8dqr(Art By: Seja-aka-Lita )

1) Gambit and Rogue (The X-Men Animated Series/Marvel Comics)

I’ve said it before but I shipped these two before I even knew what shipping was. I always loved Gambit loved Rogue how no matter how awful or unworthy of it she felt.  Plus they both had awesome accents.

tumblr_ni3i9tapg61u6w5rho1_500(Art by: renisanz)

2) Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak (Arrow, CW)

The ship that loves to tear my heart into a million pieces. It’s kinda cannon, I mean they have said the three little words that send every shippers heart into a flutter, the big three. I. Love. You.  And yet, circumstances, stubbornness and the writers are keeping them apart. After all angst is the fuel to tv show’s fire. That being said what is so wonderful about their relationship is that they both love each other for who they are. Felicity isn’t in love with the Former Billionaire Oliver Queen or the vigilantly Arrow, she is in love with just Oliver flaws and all she loves him for who he is. To his credit, Oliver loves Felicity for the strong independent, smart, babble-ly woman she is.

tumblr_mk3lh786kJ1qhf8dzo1_500(Art by: toastalmostburnt)

3) Lizzie Bennett & William Darcy (The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, Webseries)

I guess technically we could ship this back to the original Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, from Jane Austin’s Pride & Prejudice, since I love them too. However, this modern retelling of the story is particularly near and dear to my heart. Ashley Clements and Daniel Vincent Gordh caused me to fall in love with this characters all over again. They’re chemistry was fantastic, and even though, I basically knew the whole story, found myself eagerly awaiting each new episode. Seriously, I had tumblr entries dedicated to breaking down nuisances in their performances….#sorrynotsorry

Fry_and_Leela(Art By: cowgirlem)

4) Turanga Leela & Philip J. Fry (Futurama, FOX/Comedy Central)

Sure Futrama was funny, but it also had a softer side, we don’t talk about “Jurassic Bark”, and a lot of those episodes had to do with the romance between Fry and Leela. One of my favorite episodes, “The Sting” involved both Leela going crazy over “Fry’s Death” and Fry refusing to leave her side as she lay in a poison induced coma. Yes, I am aware I am probably one of the only people who loved that ep. There’s just something so sweet about their strange futuristic love story.


(Art By: wanda-soulmeetsbody)

5) Thea Queen & Roy Harper (Arrow, CW)

Before I get slack for listing two different couples on the same show, I say a resounding SHUT IT! Watching this week’s episode of Arrow reminded me just how much I love THROY! ROYA? Is there a name for them? I declare it to be Throy. Here’s what I love about Throy, Roy is ALWAYS there for her. Even after she broke up with him, which was a stupid move, but don’t worry Thea I still love you, he has always been supportive and protective of her, but NOT in an I’m-Gonna-Get-You-Back, type way that we are so used to seeing in media. He actually respects her decision to end it AND still supports her. Guys, this is almost unheard of in tv/film. CHERISH THIS!



(Art by admiralarachnia)

1)Janeway/Chakotay or as EM calls them: ‘Jakotay’ (Star Trek: Voyager)

This, quite literally, is the one ship that I have already gone down with, will stay sunk with and forever wish it had taken off. The writers of the series made us believe it was possible, as did the actors, and yet … I won’t get on the soap box, but it never happened. Never. Except in the blessedly well written fan fiction that exists. Live on, J/C!

(Art by: @longfallof1979)

2)Peggy Carter/Steve Rodgers (MCU)

New-found and completely ridiculous because we have the real timeline already established, but … how can you not love Peggy and Cap? The painful part is how well matched they were and how they were forced to live their lives apart (and in different times). The painful angst that follows is probably why this ship is so addicting. That and finding ways that they could have potential been together in the Marvel universe.

(Art by mirandakat)

3)Sculder aka Mulder/ Scully (The X-Files)

Finally I choose one that came to fruition! It may have taken Mulder and Scully nine years to finally share an on-screen kiss, but we all know William was Mulder’s (even if it took some of us until season nine to figure that fact out … shut up). Mulder and Scully had such an interesting relationship that started out as one agent trying to debunk the other. Scully came into Mulder’s life as basically a babysitter, became his partner and his source of reason and then, ultimately, his perfect counterpart. Let’s not forget that The X-Files was/is first and foremost Scully’s story, so naturally the writers and creator wanted to include everything. Mulder could be a serious jerk most of the time, but Scully’s slow burn of falling in love with him (and I could totally over-analyze ‘falling in love,’ but I shall refrain) over the course of several years was stellar. Forever onboard this ship!

(Art by want-to-dream)

4)Olicity: Felicity and Oliver (Arrow, CW)

I have a problem. Unrequited love tends to be a theme. I must be an angst whore or something. Oliver and Felicity have danced around each other for two seasons now, have finally said the words “I love you” (at least one of them has) and are STILL not together. Dear GOD, DC. Stop giving us popcorn and saying no butter!

5)Thursday Next/Landen Park-Laine (The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde)

For those who have read Jasper Fforde, don’t spoil them for me, k? I ship it so hard that it’s scary. The Eyre Affair was gifted to me about a month ago and I have been keeping it as my commute book. I’m at the point where one of the characters is engaged and yet I ship it so hard … please, Mr. Fforde … please let them end up together!

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