Kamala Khan … con?

Kamala Khan … con?

Comicbookresources.com did a write up on this phenomenon the other day. Apparently, tumblr had what they are calling Kamalacon. Basically, fans of the Marvel series Ms. Marvel wanted to do something special to celebrate the one year anniversary of issue #1 hitting the shelves (or the kindles, iPads, etc.).

Posting photos of their collections of Ms. Marvel comics, mercy and fan art was just the beginning. Many of the fans shared why Kamala is so important to them in the form of essays to kick off Kamalacon. This, my fellow geeks, is amazing. The fact that so many fans decided this was an awesome thing to do is stellar. Head over to tumblr and have a look-see! Perhaps we can see more of these types of fan interweb gatherings in the future!

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