Five MORE reasons that you should be watching MARVEL’s Agent Carter

Five MORE reasons that you should be watching MARVEL’s Agent Carter

In case you haven’t noticed, Marvel’s Agent Carter has climbed the ranks of favorite TV shows over here at It’s All Geek To Me. A few weeks back we gave you five reasons that you should be watching if you weren’t already. Here, my fellow Carterettes, are five more reasons to start or keep watching.

1. The humor

With lines like, “prematurely evacuate?” and “Yes, Mister Stark’s zippers are under considerable strain” how can you not watch this show? The humor that drips from every episodes in one way or another is positively fabulous. I find myself laughing a certain lines for long enough that I have to rewind because I have missed something.

2. The character development

Peggy and Jarvis are well-rounded characters from the start, but now we have people like Angie Martinelli, Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa and even Miriam Fry, The Griffith’s hall monitor/house mother. All of these characters started out as just someone in the background of Peggy’s life, but by episode four they have all become something so much more. Angie has Broadway aspirations and learns to stand up to her father about it. Thompson has revealed to us that, while he may be a navy cross winner, it wasn’t on the up and up. Sousa became a friend at one point only to shove Peggy under the bus (although, it did keep him up at night to do it), and Ms. Fry has shown us time and again that she means what she says where men above the first floor is concerned. They have developed a fine cast of characters that I hope we get to see again in the future.

3. The A– Kicking

Enough said.

4. The feminism (the good kind)

Not that “man hating” crap that has been all over the internet. This is the good kind of feminism. The kind that shows Peggy using men’s sexism to her advantage. The kind that shows us a woman who is completely competent in every aspect of her life, but craves friendships and relationships she can trust. The kind that shows the one man that she thinks is her “old friend” betray her in a way that hurts so badly that she will forgive, but never forget. This show is so important for this particular reason. If, for nothing else, watch it to promote GOOD feminism!

5. The Story

Plain and simply: the story is compelling. What was a woman to do after the war where she, just as much as the men she fought beside, is a veteran, but does not garner the respect of her male counterparts? Peggy answers that question and so many more. We get to see her vulnerable, hurt by those she considers friends and trying to create the female relationships she craves while still kicking a– and taking names while wearing heels. What woman doesn’t need a girlfriend? Peggy may not need a man for much, but she does need a friend. We have watched her go from underrated secretary to (SPOILER) having her sexist co-workers understand that they made her whatever they wanted her to be. This show is important to the MCU, important to women and important for ABC because, hey, it’s a show the entire family can watch at 9 PM on a Tuesday. Please, ABC #RenewAgentCarter.

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