Death Watch: Arrow Style

Death Watch: Arrow Style

No secret, we here at It’s All Geek To Me LOVE us some Arrow. Like to the point where we often times DROWN in the Feels. So when Stephen Amell and other cast members took to social media to hint about the hardships that were the episode they finished filming, we couldn’t hep but speculate. Click more to see the tweets and our speculation on who might be getting the axe/why.


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Oliver Queen

So, going to go out on a limb here and say, Oliver isn’t the one we have to say “goodbye” too. It’s too close to his recent mostly dead experience. But that leaves us with a WHOLE MESS of other characters who could be getting “offed”, be it either by death or just “moving on”



Thea Queen

Well, Thea is a likely candidate for going off to find herself. Writing her off is not as likely as it was last season. Killing her would leave Oliver completely without family, so drama of course would ensue. Plus no matter what happens to her, he would truly believe her death was his fault. However, this is the first season Thea has really gotten much of a storyline that is all her own. Sure, there was the “druggie kid sister”, the “everyone has wronged me” and “I date a bad boy” storylines, but really she was always just a part of something larger. Now she has been put right in the middle of the action. The Powers That Be have actually given Thea purpose, so it would seem a waste to get rid of her now.



Felicity Smoak

Oh Felicity. As with any love interest on a Superhero show, there is always the worry that they will “fridge” her. After all, her death would GREATLY affect Ollie, and the others. Felicity has always been the light of Team Arrow, however lately this has not been the case. She’s getting more and more frustrated with Oliver, which has even pushed her into the arms of another man…I don’t wanna talk about it. Plus, how heartbreaking would it be if she died in his arms professing her love for him?



John Diggle

Diggs is the Team Therapist, the level-headed one, the who just became a father and is about to get married. Diggs has A LOT to lose, which unfortunately, in tv/film world makes him a prime candidate for snuffing. He’s been with Oliver from the beginning of his whole little crusade and let’s be honest, his death, would cause MASSIVE amounts of pain and angst to all. On the other side of the spectrum, now that he has a family there is always the possibility that he just walks away for this life of crime fighting, be we all know the unlikely hood of that.



Roy Harper

Words cannot express the deep seeded love I have for Roy Harper. The fact that one of the soul crushing tweets came for Colton Haynes, only heightens my fear that he will be the one to go. Roy is Oliver’s protegé, which  basically means that Ollie feels responsible for him, which means if he were to die it would really mess him up. Plus, Thea would have to deal with the unresolved feeling she has for him, so his death would cause pain to all remaining members of the Queen family. Not to mention that it would free up the red suit/sidekick role for “Speedy” to step into.

Corto Maltese


Laurel Lance

Unfortunately the likelihood of Laurel being the one to get the axe are very slim. Even though her lack of fighting ability makes the most sense for her meeting her end. However, they just made this whole big deal about her being Black Canary so I doubt they will be getting rid of her anytime soon. Le sigh. Maybe if she left, though she could train or something and come back less of an annoyance….? Pretty please?



Malcolm Merlyn

Well, he’s already been beaten to near death, not to mention having died once before. Killing him would be pretty lack luster, but if they have run out of ideas for him, maybe. Plus there’s always the possibility now that Thea has shunned him, that he just packs up and goes… at least for a little while. Though getting rid of him seems pretty silly to do so after just promoting him to a series regular this season.



Quentin Lance

My feelings on Lance need not be discussed. I love him. Plain and simple. The likely hood of him packing up and leaving is extremely low, he’s too entrenched in his work. Unfortunately, the Powers That Be, have set the stage by giving him a heart condition, and let’s face it, his death would be an emotional one. Laurel would become even more of a mess, especially if he were to pass while they are still feuding and I’m sure everyone else would feel the loss as well. His death would also cut off the Arrow’s link to the SCPD.  In other words DON’T HURT MY QUENTIN!



Ray Palmer

I like Ray, on his own that is, sorry Raylicity shippers, but just NO! The chance of Ray just picking up and leaving, especially before the season finale, seems small especially because such a large part of this season seems to revolve around him. However, there has recently been talk of him staring in an Arrow/Flash spinoff, so that means they have to get rid of him sooner or later right? The possible spinoff also means his chances of surviving the season alive are pretty high.



Nyssa al Ghul

Could Nyssa go out in a blaze of glory? Sure, I mean, she was raised to openly face death. She’s been around long enough to garner some affection, and if she were to be killed  while helping Team Arrow, that would be pretty cool.



Maseo Yamashiro

This is an interesting one. As we draw closer to the end of the season, and what is most likely the end of the Tokyo flashbacks, it’s possible he might get killed off, especially if it evolves going against Ra’s al Ghul to save Oliver. However, I also think that if one of Team Arrow gets offed, Maseo would easily transition into a useful assent to them.



Lyla Michaels

To me the severity of the tweets make me feel like it wouldn’t be Lyla. As fabulous as she is, she’s not as integral to the Arrow Team. Sure they like her, and Diggs would be destroyed, but, especially because she hasn’t been so active in their missions lately I can’t help but think that killing her would be “fridge-ing” pure and simple. Nor do I see her just up and leaving.



Sara Michaels/Diggle

Nope. As tragic as it would be, You don’t kill a baby. You just don’t do it.


So what do you guys think? Which character do you think is gonna go? Hit up the comments and let us know.



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