Trip to the Comic Shop: Week of March 18th 2015

Trip to the Comic Shop: Week of March 18th 2015

Every Wednesday, on her lunch break, EM saunters down to Forbidden Planet NYC, otherwise known as The Place of Pure Awesome, to pick up the week’s new comics. Click below to see what’s on the list of must grabs this week, and why.

JAN150321Batgirl #40 (DC Comics)

I just LOVE this series. It’s a little more fun than all the DOOM and Gloom that populates the world of most of Gotham’s heroes.

jan150312Batgirl: Endgame #1 (DC Comics)

This is one of those things that pop up in my pull list, and I just can’t resist. Like I said above, I am loving the new run of Batgirl, so picking up more Batgirl stories is a no brainer.

BMETRL_Cv50_54e3eaf9a179a2.19541145Batman Eternal #50 (DC Comics)

We’ve hit Issue #50!!! Only 2 more to go! Everything is coming to a head, can’t stop, won’t stop.


Borderlands: Fall of Fryestone #7 (IDW)

Borderlands was one of the few  video games that I actually wanted to play. My gaming skills are limited so often times, despite The Boy asking multiple times, I will politely decline. Not so the case with Borderlands, and when I found out there would be a comic series, I was so on board.

jan150847Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #6 (Marvel Comics)

Full disclosure, I am a bit behind on this book, and still on the fence really. But haven’t given up on it yet, so still picking up the newest books.

oct141643Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #9 (Titan Books)

To be honest as big of a Whovian as I am, I have dropped both the Eleventh & Twelfth Doctor Comics, not that they weren’t great, I just wasn’t loving them and since I am cutting back on books, to keep my wallet from crying out in pain, they were given the boot. The Tenth Doctor’s adventures however are still super high on my must grab list.

detailSilk #2 (Marvel Comics)

I’m a sucker for female lead books, and also Cindy Moon and her lack of this decade’s technology is super adorable.

jan150738dStar Wars: Princess Leia #2 (Marvel Comics)

Who doesn’t love Princess Leia? Plus the artwork in this book is just GORGEOUS.

jan150832The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3 (Marvel Comics)

Okay, we’re on Issue #3 and I’m still not totally sold on this book. However I am in love with Tippy, her pet squirrel, so for now it’s still on my list.


DC: 3

Marvel: 4

IDW: 1

Titan: 1

That’s what’s on my list, and for those of you not lucky enough to have a comic book shop nearby, I’ve included links to all my picks from Things From Another World, which has AMAZING service. So what are you picking up this week?


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