MARVEL to end 33 titles with ‘Secret Wars’ event this summer

MARVEL to end 33 titles with ‘Secret Wars’ event this summer

Exactly how big will Marvel’s Secret Wars event be this summer? Answer: 33 book titles that we know and love will cease to exist. That is a lot of storyline that will fade into the sunset. Now, before we all go getting ourselves worked up about the disappearance of our favorites (Thor and Angela: Asgard’s Assassin, anyone?) remember that it is just the current story that is ending, not the overall character’s story.

Speaking to, David Gabriel, Marvel’s SVP, said,

“In a perfect world, we’d have stopped every book with its April issues, putting our a nice clean May Previews catalog. Everyone would have seen upfront all those titles that had their finale, and all those titles that wee starting fresh. But things don’t always go so easily.”

Basically the creators were given the option to tell “Last Days” stories in their series or stories that take place during Secret Wars. The latter meant that said stories would be given a 616 finale (for those us who don’t know, like me, 616 is Marvel’s mythology designation for “regular” Marvel Universe) and be replaced.

Here is a full list of what is getting a ‘616’ over the next few months (bold indicating those that I will dearly miss)

  • All-New Captain America
  • All-New X-Men
  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Amazing X-Men
  • Angela: Asgard’s Assassin
  • Avengers
  • Avengers World
  • Captain Marvel
  • Cyclops
  • Deadpool
  • Elektra
  • Fantastic Four
  • Guardians 3000
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Hulk
  • Inhuman
  • Iron Fist: The Living Weapon
  • Legendary Star-Lord
  • Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man
  • New Avengers
  • Nightcrawler
  • Nova
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Secret Avengers
  • Spider-Man & The X-Men
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Storm
  • Superior Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • Wolverine and X-Men

From what The Hollywood Report says, a good deal of these titles may be relaunched at some point in the future. With titles like Captain America having been relaunched three times in the last four years, it wouldn’t surprise me. Just don’t take away my Goddess of Thunder and my Angela ….

Secret Wars launches in May with tie-in issues beginning that month as well.

(via THR)

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