DEADPOOL Cast take to Twitter to reveal characters

DEADPOOL Cast take to Twitter to reveal characters

In a fun little twist of comic book fate, the cast of the eagerly anticipated Deadpool hopped onto Twitter the other day to garner us with photos of … their chair backs. While the casting has been released over on such websites as IMDB, this fun reveal made the day for quite a few fans.

While we knew Firefly alum (and one of my fave’s) Morena Baccarin was going to be in the film, but not we have the character via the actress herself.

Let’s do this.

— Morena Baccarin (@missmorenab) March 19, 2015

Vanessa Carlyle AKA Copycat is a mutant with metamorphing abilities. She also happens to be a love interest for Deadpool in the comics. S’cuse me while I silently fangirl.

T.J. Miller, not to be left out, also tweeted a picture:

Yes yes y’all. Weasel in the house. #Vancouver

— t.j. miller (@nottjmiller) March 19, 2015

Jack Hammer AKA Weasel is friend and sidekick to Deadpool in the comics. He is also an arms dealer.

And, not to be left out either, Ryan Renolds, whom we all knew was on board already tweeted,

Sometimes the bad guy isn’t the villain.

— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) March 19, 2015

Okay, geeks. Who is excited?? We only have to wait 11 months!

(Via Entertainment Earth)

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