Mulder, It’s Us. Welcome back.

Mulder, It’s Us. Welcome back.

Whether you are a baby Phile just taking your first shaky steps into the paranormal or a die hard Phile from day one, we all have something in common: we want more X-Files. More Dana Scully-level sass, more Mulder douchbaggery and everything in beween. Today is our lucky day, Philes … We get more.

Fox announced today that they have given the green light to an X-Files continuation mini series to begin filming this summer. S’cuse me while I take a step away from composure and SQUEE! *coughs and clears throat* As I was saying, Mulder and Scully will grace our TV screens once again. I, for one, would not mind one bit if we got the old 8PM on Sundy night time slot either. For quit a while now, X-Files fans have been campaigning for a third movie. With stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny both saying they were game, it was a question of money and time. Or so we all thought. Recently, Chris Hardwick’s podcast, Nerdist, had Gillian on as a guest where the campaign #XFiles2015 was born. Now, while I think this campaign helped the cause greatly, the almighty FOX are not dumbies and have been thinking this over for more than a year. With the success of the 24 revival mini series, they began thinking of other popular series they could bring back. With The X-Files gaining new fans as it ages, why not?

“I think of it as a 13-year commercial break,” said Carter. “The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.”

Good point, Chris. Technically it hasn’t been 13 years since I Want To Believe dropped in 2008, but that’s okay. I tend to forget about it too. For those bumming about it only being six episodes … that’s six more than we had, Philes! While a third movie would be great, it would only be two hours, maybe three, of screen time. We are getting six full-length TV episodes which is an amazing gift.

The X-Files is the latest cult TV series to be resurrected as an event/limited series, joining 24, Twin Peaks on Showtime, Heroes on NBC and Arrested Development on Netflix.

(Via Deadline)

(Photo via Entertainment Weekly)

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