Kings of Con – Just Take My Money

Kings of Con – Just Take My Money

A little over two weeks ago, we joyously spouted the good news that Alan Tudyk and friends were holding an indiegogo campaign to raise funds to create webseries called Con-Man. You can read all about it here. Well if you needed further proof that great minds think alike, today EM stumbled upon the Indiegogo campaign for Kings of Con, the brain child of Supernatural cast members, Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. Click below for more.

The campaign is seeking $100,000 and has an May 10th deadline, with the promise that if they raise more money, they’ll make more shows. Sweet deal right?

“Kings of Con”,  is “a single camera comedy inspired by their real experiences that goes beyond the autograph lines and photo ops to what really makes the cons truly crazy and unpredictable – the actors paid to be there.”

The actors will play caricatures of themselves, Rich, a three times divorced former actor fueled by the faux fame he experiences at the hands of a gaggle fans to whom he is still relevant and Rob, a recent divorcee who starts back up doing cons to cover the costs of his divorce and failing career.

And yes the guys are aware of the timing, as stated on their campaign page:

“A funny thing happened the day we finished our teaser.  THAT VERY DAY, another project– with a similar premise and very similar name — launched a crowd funding campaign.  It didn’t quite fly under the radar either – it made a big splash in the press and raised record setting amounts of money.
Rob and Rich reflected (got drunk), took a long walk (talked each other off a cliff) and ultimately decided (still drunk) that this situation was much like an episode of their own show.  The Rob and Rich of “Kings of Con” would totally have to deal with something like this.  But would they quit?  No! They would just come up with a new title and forge ahead.  After all, the show must go on… because that’s what it says in their appearance contract!”

There is room in this world for many different versions of a story, I mean look at Emma and Clueless, or Pride and Prejudice and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Yes, I just compared Con themed webisodes to Jane Austen works, deal with it. But seriously, go read the full campaign page. It’s super funny and well thought out. Seeing this show realized would be a great way to show appreciation to two fantastic actors, who you know really care about their fans, and will make one hell of a show.

Are you excited yet? Check out the Campaign Page here


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