Best Nerdy April Fool’s Jokes Round Up

Best Nerdy April Fool’s Jokes Round Up

April Fool’s, let’s face it on a whole is a dumb holiday, and more often than not is merely annoying, or just plain cruel. However, sometimes, the geeks of the world truly shine upon this day. And so we’ve rounded up some of the best of today’s geeky “pranks” for your enjoyment. Click below to check it out.


Every year, I eagerly await the daily email to see what sort of tomfoolery they have come up with. This year did not dissapoint, which included such awesome items as, Desert Warrior Power Wheels and my personal favorite the Voltron Cat Condo, among other things. Click here to see their full email.


Things From Another World

Not to be outdone, offered a very enticing deal of the day today. An actual T.A.R.D.I.S. (certified pre-owned of course)! For the low, low price of $1199.99. Click here to see for yourself.


The National Air & Space Museum

Be still my little geeky heart, for today only, the National Air & Space Museum has a very special display. Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet! Click here to read the blog post and take a look at the video explaining what it took to acquire it.

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