Trip To The Comic Shop Week of April 1st 2015

Trip To The Comic Shop Week of April 1st 2015

Every Wednesday, on her lunch break, EM saunters down to Forbidden Planet NYC, otherwise known as The Place of Pure Awesome, to pick up the week’s new comics. Click below to see what’s on the list of must grabs this week, and why.


Batman Eternal #52 (DC Comics)

This is it the whole kit and caboodle. It’s over, a whole year of weekly issues is now over.


Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 (Titan Books)

While I love me some Ten, Nine will always be *my* Doctor. He’s the reason the reboot worked so well, and he doesn’t get NEARLY enough love. So YEAY for new Nine stories!


Gotham Academy: End Game #1 (DC Comics)

As I’ve said before, I really like this title, and seeing the newer generation of Gotham


Harley Quinn #16 (DC Comics)

Harley is my GURL! ‘Nuff said. Okay, maybe I’ll say a little bit more. This run of Harley is just so crazy & fun, it’s hard not to love.


Lady Killer #4 (Dark Horse Comics)

Housewife/Super Spy? Please & thank you.


Rocket Racoon #10 (Marvel Comics)

This book is just a lot of fun, it also gave me one of my new favorite phrases “I’m so gonna murder you in the face” and so I am hooked.


Spider-Gwen #3 (Marvel Comics)

A female superhero, kicking ass and still managing to bring some humanity to the role. Need I say more?


The Flash: Season Zero #7 (DC Comics)

I recently have fully caught up on the series, clearly I am jonesing for a Flash fix.


DC: 4

Dark Horse: 1

Marvel: 2

Titan: 1

That’s what’s on my list, and for those of you not lucky enough to have a comic book shop nearby, I’ve included links to all my picks (unless unavailable) from Things From Another World, which has AMAZING service. So what are you picking up this week?


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